Reports: TNA Interested In Jersey Shore Star

Several internet wrestling news outlets are reporting that TNA Impact Wrestling has interest in another Jersey Shore star. As you may remember TNA has previously used such Jersey Shore stars as Angelina Pivarnick and J-Woww resulting in ratings boosts and significant mainstream media exposure for the company.

According to the reports/rumors Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has either signed or is close to signing a multi-show deal that would ultimately involve participation in a pay per view match.

TNA’s previous signings of Jersey Shore stars for appearances were generally panned by the internet wrestling community as a cheap ploy for ratings, of course when WWE copied TNA’s formula and used Jersey Shore star Snooki in a WrestleMania match the same sheets were silent. The other main criticism was that they were wasting money that could be spent on other talent, obviously if this new signing is true TNA’s cost/benefit analysis must have proven those complaints false as well.

We will update you if/when we get confirmation or more info on this possible signing.

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  • Joe Vincent

    I’d be for Ronnie coming in for a short stint. Not for any of the sports entertainment reasons, but because he reminds me of the young men that I advise in my fraternity and they’re all good guys – they just look like guido meatheads!