iMPACT Wrestling Results (10/6): A Real Twist of Fate


Impact Wrestling

Opening Segment

James Storm says that this is Hulk Hogan’s retirement show and it’s about Damn Time! Storm says it’s time that Hogan let guys like Beer Money and all of the other young guys in the back that have been working their asses off get the spotlight here. Storm also wishes Hogan luck in topping them in the “semi-main event” after they “tear this son-of-a-bitch down!” Roode gives James Storm a cheap pop by mentioning that he is the “Tennessee Cowboy.” Roode puts over his bouts with AJ Styles and Kazarian because that they gave him their best, and showed the world how good they were. Storm said when he shook Roode’s hand four years ago, he knew he was shaking the hand of a future World Champion. Storm also notes that he’s sure Roode thought the same shaking his hand, which Roode responds by nodding yes. Storm said tonight he was bringing his best…and no disrespect to Rode, but he might be just a little better. Storm took off his glasses and said he’s going to look Roode right in the eye and say what he always says “Sorry bout your damn luck.” The two fist-bumped and posed on the top rope. ((Jarrett’s Jab – It’s a shame watching this at home when I wasn’t able to make the show, I live an hour from Knoxville. Enough about that however, the crowd wasn’t too receptive to the Hogan diss at the beginning of the promo, so that’ll say a lot about the tone of this show. The cheap pop was great and by the end of the promo, they were cheering what are hopefully two future world champions.))

Sting is shown in a Hulkamania shirt and a red blazer looking at a picture of a clown and laughed.

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A clip is played of Hogan’s debut in TNA on January 4th, 2010. This was the start of the second Monday Night Wars, which was unfortunately short lived and also reminded me how I miss the six-sided ring.

Gunner vs. Kazarian

Tenay put Gunner over as ‘Mister Intensity’ during his entrance and Kazarian as having the chance to put a huge impression going forward. An arm wringer by Gunner and Kazarian is able to flip out of it before being caught in it again. Kazarian arm drags his way out before Gunner rolls to the outside. Kazarian gets on the apron and Gunner knocks him off and slams his left arm into the turnbuckle cable. Once in the ring, Kazarian goes for a surprise roll-up and gets two. Kazarian tries to fight back with a right hands, but gets his arm wringed again and hits a shoulder-breaker. Kazarian gets up and hits springboard right elbow and a spinkick. Irish Whop from the ropes backfires as Gunner catches himself, but gets his leg taken out from under him and gets hit with a Springboard Leg Drop. Gunner thumps the eyes and rams Kazarian shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Gunner cinches in an armbar and Kazarian taps out.

Gunner doesn’t let up on the attack however, and the decision is reversed. Gunner yells that the arm is broken and also yells “Screw you all!” at the crowd.

Winner by Disqualification: Kazarian

((Jarrett’s Jab – Loved the match, hated the commentary. I don’t see the need to talk about Hulk Hogan and Sting during a match that should be important. However, I loved that Taz talked about Kazarian’s bicep injury a few years ago, as it showed that Gunner had a game plan going in. Not sure how the reversed decision helps anyone, but I guess it is suppose to make Gunner more intense.))

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The familiar music hits and out comes Mister Anderson in street clothes. Tenay quickly talks about his falling out with Immoral and Taz humorously states that he ‘doesn’t play well with others.’ Mister Anderson says that he’s got his head in his hand ‘not really…I’ve got hat head, but that’s not the point.’ He said he’s out here to do something that he’s only done a few times in his life, maybe, and that is apologize. As the crowd starts to boo, he notes that it is not to Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, or even Dixie Carter, but to his assholes. He says he turned his back on them in a moment of weakness, and joined Immortal. He says that he learned that Bully Ray is ‘a giant frickin douchebag’ and that brings out Bully Ray. Ray tells Anderson to hurry up because he wants to go to Neyland Stadium and take a piss on the big T, which gets Ray big-time heat. Anderson says that for months now, Bubba’s attacked him from behind and hit him with his giant chain and a kendo stick. He’s always seemed to get the upper hand on Anderson, and Bubba proudly tells Anderson he’s laid him out and demoralized him in front of his jackoffs. Anderson corrects him that they’re assholes and not jackoffs, but Bubba refuses to give Anderson another match. Anderson says Bound For Glory is in Philadelphia where Bubba cut his teeth doing the hardcore style, and he challenges Bubba to a Philadelphia falls count anywhere match, and dares Bubba and his ego to back down from that one. Anderson’s music hits before Bubba can answer, so Bubba just looks angry and walks off.

Mike Tenay says that the ante has been raised for when they meet at Bound for Glory. And don’t forget that Beer Money faces off against each other tonight. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I thought there was…an evil supergroup called Immortal that made matches, not commentators. I thought it was weird that Tenay confirmed the match when Bully Ray didn’t.))

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A split screen is shown of James Storm and Bobby Roode getting ready for their match tonight.

Somewhere in the arena, Eric Bischoff is asked how he feels about the decision of Hulk Hogan is retiring. Bischoff says that it varies: business wise all of business and personally, he feels that it’s an end of an era.

Brian Kendrick is shown backstage taking some ridiculous mumbo-jumbo, but the gist of it is that Austin Aries is a scum bag who inspires Kid Kash. Kid Kash is shown behind him. Kash nudges him on the shoulder and tells him that if Kash is got something to say to him, why doesn’t he say it to his face. Kendrick says that it’s fair enough and Kash slaps the taste of his mouth and beats him up. Kash tells the beaten Kendrick to clean up his blood and walks off after spitting on him. ((Jarrett’s Jab – The fact that Brian Kendrick deserved that shouldn’t even cross my mind, but taking trash about Kid Kash doesn’t help. Granted the beatdown probably swayed the audience to Kendricks side, his current character is a joke.))

Mickie James makes her entrance followed by Velvet Sky. A Knockouts Tag Team Match is on the way…right after this commercial break!

-Commercial Break-

Mickie James and Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne and Winter

Funny moment during the heel entrance when Madison walks in front of the two and they shove her out of the way, she goes back to her perky self. The Hulk Hogan Retirement Ceremony is plugged again as Mickie James wrings the arm of Winter and piefaces her. Winter tags in Madison Rayne and Mickie cinces a headlock. Coming off the ropes, Velvet tags herself in and hits a dropkick on Madison. Winter gets tagged in, as does Mickie James and Mickie hits her Hurricanrana and a neckbreaker for two. With the refs back turned, Angelina Love grabs Mickie’s foot to knock her to the mat as Winter tags in Madison Rayne. Quick tags between Winter and Rayne ends with Mickie avoids a double team maneuver and tags in Velvet. Headscissors on Madison by Velvet before Velvet hits the Double Underhook on Winter for two. Mickie takes it to Winter on the outside while Velvet rebounds Winter off the ropes. Angelina grabs Winters foot and holds her down, thinking it was Velvet. Angelina hops on the apron and tries to deck Velvet but fails when she gets decked instead. Madison Rayne quickly tags herself in and rolls Velvet up and hooks her outfit for the three count.

Winners by Pinfall: Madison Rayne and TNA Knockouts Champion Winter

The announcers again hype up Hogan’s retirement ceremony and Jeff Hardy is shown walking backstage.

-Commercial Break-

Video is shown of Hulk Hogan’s first TNA Match, tagging with Abyss to face Ric Flair and AJ Styles in short trunks, which wasn’t shown.

Kurt Angle is backstage yelling at Eric Bischoff that he told Jeff Hardy to never show his face here again and begged Bischoff to let him take care of Hardy. Bischoff told him that he’s done so much for Immortal, and dealing with Hardy was beneath him and he’d take squash him like a coach roach.

Bischoff comes out to the ring and tells the crowd to “sit down, shut up, and take notes.” He calls out Jeff Hardy and when he didn’t, told him to come out now. Apparently ‘now’ is the magic word and Hardy came out to his heel theme and a new tron. Bischoff told him that he has had the honor in the past 25 years to work with some of the greats that gave both of them opportunities. Bischoff said that he took advantage of his opportunities, and Hardy has “taken dropping the ball into a frickin’ artform” and called him a screw-up. Bischoff said that Hardy is out of chances with him. Bischoff said he was done when he showed up pilled-up out of his mind at Victory Road. Hardy thanked Bischoff for expressing him, and said that some of the people agreed with him, some of them didn’t. Hardy said he had one thing to say before he left, and Bischoff gave him permission to say goodbye. Hardy hit Bischoff with the Twist of Fate and yelled “SCREW YOU” at him before peeling from the ring when Immortal came. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I am honestly surprised the crowd cheered for Hardy, especially when Bischoff talked about him being “pilled out of his mind.” The sad part is that everything Bischoff said is true, Hardy WAS pilled-up at Victory Road and HAS turned screwing up into an art form. Guess that proves how fickle wrestling fans are. Great for TNA, they just hit a gold mine with Hardy.))

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Hardy is talking to a camera man and said that he came back to apologize, but what happened was Bulls**t and if he’s leaving, he’s leaving under his own terms.

A video was shown from March 3rd, 2011 in Lafayette, North Carolina when Hulk Hogan gained 100% control of TNA.

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

I would have hyped the heck out of this match. Just to remind everyone, this is Crimson’s first match back and he is still undefeated. Crimson takes it straight to Joe with right hands before Joe rakes the eyes and hits several rights of his own. Crimson takes the advantage and gets a headlock and slams the knees in the face of Joe. Crimson goes for a pin off the neckbreaker and gets two. Hogan’s retirement is hyped for the umpteenth time tonight and Crimson is thrown into the turnbuckle as Joe hits several jabs of his own before getting caught with a T-Bone suplex. Crimson takes the action to the outside and slams Joe into the security railing. Crimson goes for it again and his injured ankle was slammed into the guardrail. Joe pins Crimsons ankle into the guardrail and drops him on his back before sliding him back in the ring. Crimson tries to fight back, but Joe sweeps the legs out from under Crimson. The crowd is behind Joe with a audible chant and Joe nails a chop block on the ankle. A splash on the ankle leads to Joe trying a heel hook. Taz stresses that he hasn’t fully applied it and Crimson is able to roll him up for a pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Crimson

Bully Ray is asked about Ken Anderson’s challenge and Ray responded that either he’s dumb, or he’s got balls this big. Ray tells him to crew him, Philadelphia, and that he’s from New York City.

Hulk Hogans retirement is later, and James Storm takes on the Number One Contender Bobby Roode…next!

-Commercial Break-

James Storm is asked about his thoughts on his match. Storm says he’s happy about Roode getting his shot at Angle, but he’s also happy for himself because tonight he proves to the world who the ‘Tennessee Cowboy’ James Storm is.

A really nice video package plays showing Roode’s career and his family discussing how far he’s become.

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

Roode wore his Beer Money gear this week instead of his old Robert Roode, Inc. trunks. Storm got a good home state reaction during his entrance. Arm wringer trade-off between the two starts the match before Storm hits a clothesline off the ropes. Storm goes for the Last Call, but Roode ducks under, causing a standoff. Storm goes for a german, bur Roode connects with a series of Arm Drags and tries a Fugiwara Armbar and the two stand off as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

The announcers hype the Hogan Retirement coming out of the break as Roode connects with a snapmare. Storm hits a clothesline after Roode whips him off the ropes and Storm only gets a one count. The two trade off right hands.  Roode connects with a boot and a neckbreaker off the top rope and gets a two count. Storm is able to sidestep Storm and Roode flies to the outside. Roode gets on the apron and Storm quickly hits a Hangman DDT for a two count. Storm hits a kick from the outside on Roode, but Roode hits a Spinebuster for two. Roode goes up top, but Storm meets him up there for a superplex. Storm covers for a very close two as a replay is shown from several angles. Roode goes for the Payoff, and Storm tries to counter with the Last Call. Roode locks the Crossface in and Storm is able to scurry to get his foot on the bottom rope, causing Roode to break. Storm hits the — for two.  The referee gets bumped as Kurt Angle comes to the ring and throws Storm into the steel steps.

Winner: Bobby Roode

-Commercial Break-

Hulk Hogan comes out to a great reaction and is all smiles for his entrance. Hulk Hogan said that he knew this (crowd reaction) would happen in Knoxville. A loud Hogan chant erupts the arena as he smiles. He said that when his feet hit the ground this morning, and he knew that today would be the final day he is in the wrestling business. He said it was a tough cup of coffee to swallow in the morning, but everyone in Knoxville welcomed him with open arms. He said with all the love, he felt like it was his first day in the business, and he thanks the crowd. He said it was hard to explain to his family that he’d be home more often, and he didn’t know what to do. He said that it was so crazy this morning on Facebook and Twitter that a lot of people asked if this was his final night, and he told each and every one of them yes. He held up the weight lifting belt with Hulkamania on it. He said at the end of the day, there have been generations and generations. Before he could finish a “Thank You Hogan” chant broke out. When it finally settled down, he said that this could go on for another thirty years, but it had a long run, and he’s going to put it to rest. Hogan stated that it was time for the celebration, and cue the Stinger.

Sting came out to a tremendous ovation and Tenay asked aloud if this was a tribute. Hogan said Sting wasn’t welcome, and he’s not turning this into a clown show. Sting asked if anyone is buying this about Hogan retiring. Hogan says that nothing lasts forever in this business, and he’s done. Sting says that he supposed he could have become jaded and not believes him, but it could be because he knows Hogan better than anyone else. Sting talks about all the cameras everywhere you turn including this building, and nothing is sacred anymore. He notes that he has some compelling footage on Hogan, and Hogan cuts him off by saying that he’s got one thing to say and then he’s gone.

Hogan is shown with Bischoff asking if the fans are really believing him. Bischoff makes a joke about rednecks putting a mortgage on their mobile home to buy Hulk Hogan memorabilia.

Hogan yells for the footage to be cut off and is so pissed that he says that he’ll fight Sting at Bound for Glory, and if he loses, he’ll give the company back to Dixie Carter. Hogan covers his mouth and Sting says he got what he wanted…and ta-ta for now. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I bet those fans Hogan talked about with the 10-hour drive are pretty pissed, but not many in the business give it up for good unless they are physically not able to wrestle. I loved that Hogan was able to get his speech in before getting trumped as Hogan had the fans eating out of the palm of his hands. This has got to hurt a Hogan retirement show if he ever does decide to, the fans might not buy it, but I loved the segment. We all knew Hogan/Sting was going to happen, and this was a strong segment that really sold it to the audience. The next edition of iMPACT WRESTLING was taped right after this, so be sure to check TNAStars for the spoilers if you want to be in the know, or don’t read them and be surprised. Regardless, be sure to watch next week on Spike and check TNAStars for my review. Ta-Ta for now.))