Jericho Slams Current WWE Stars, Sheets Silent

Former WCW and WWE star Chris Jericho was recently a guest on the Wrestling Voice show. During the show he was asked about CM Punk and other current stars stealing moves and gimmicks, he had the following to say about the subject:

“There seems to be a lack of respect for the forefathers who came in and did it first and it’s not just Punk, it’s a whole litany of guys from Miz to Cody Rhodes to Mason Ryan to Sin Cara to Kelly Kelly, everybody is stealing moves, looks, ideas. Brian Pillman once told me if you want to make it in wrestling you have to do something that nobody has done before and nobody is doing that and they are coming off as second rate copies of Chris Jericho, and that’s maybe why these guys aren’t striking and I watch it and think, ‘Seriously, again?’

“A couple of years ago you had ‘Miz 4, John Cena 0′, where did that come from? Conspiracy Theory, where did that come from? Best in the World, where did that come from? Wearing suits, talking slow, using big words, using certain moves, you know Miz used the word “troglodyte” a few weeks ago and I’m like seriously? If there ever was a word associated with Chris Jericho that would be it. These guys have to start thinking of their own stuff and some times I see some of them and I’m like oh come on. It’s not like it’s influenced. At least give credit where credit is due.”

I only bring this up on a TNA Wrestling news site to point out some of the continuing bias towards WWE and WWE stars by the dirt sheets and copy and paste sites. As many of you remember Kurt Angle criticized one of the WWE’s current crop of generic wrestlers a couple of months ago for stealing his moves. The sheets and their copy and paste zombies quickly buried Angle for even suggesting a wrestler could steal another’s moves.

This story is currently running on the main dirt sites and the countless copy and paste sites. Not one of this sites has decided to mock Chris Jericho for this. I can say with 100% certainty if Jericho was now in TNA he would be presented as a fool by the joke sheets for making such a comment. Remember the dirt sheet bashing Mick Foley took for being washed up while in TNA? It’s now commonplace for the sheets to dream of a rematch between him and Undertaker at WrestleMania, or any other combination of matches that would be ridiculous to them if he was in TNA.

Personally I don’t think it’s wrong for Kurt or Jericho to feel slighted. Personally I wouldn’t complain, they both are legends and no true wrestling fan will ever forget that. But if they feel like voicing their displeasure, they’ve earned the right no matter what company they are or aren’t working for.

  • Mal

    love is a true legend..i told my dad they were trying to turn Miz into Y2J..they cant do it! i got so pissed off when michelle mcool stole Aj Styles ”Styles Clash”.course look where shes at now