iMPACT Wrestling Results (9/1): On the Road Again…


Impact Wrestling

Opening Segment

The show opens with a live shot of the Huntsville Alabama crowd and Mike Tenay noting that this is a special edition of Impact.

Hulk Hogan says that the power of Immortal is running wild tonight…brother. He said he’s put his business hat on all week, and at the end of the week the Network wants to stand behind the offer Ric Flair gave to Sting. Hogan noted the stipulations: Sting loses, he goes home; Sting wins, he gets Hogan. Hogan stated that this is what Sting has wanted for ten years and he’ll get Flair on the 15th. Hogan notes that the Network has been bullying Hulk Hogan and Immortal. Hogan yells that Sting will get Hogan when Hogan is good and ready.

Kurt Angle comes out to a standing boo. Hogan apologizes about having to break the bad news about how Carter used him and tried to hide that his personal life was falling down all around him. Hogan says that he’s going to give this company a clean bill of health, and “Dr. Angle” needs to cut the cancer…Sting…out of Impact Wrestling tonight in their match. Angle reminds everyone that he said that he wants to take out all the young guys in Impact Wrestling, and he’d love to add a veteran. Angle’s enemies are now Hogan’s enemies and Sting gets his rematch tonight.

Sting’s music blares with a new tron with him in joker face paint and he enters to a loud ovation. Hogan tells Sting that no one wants to see Sting. Sting tells Angle that he’s honored to be on a list of people he wants to destroy because it means Angle likes him. Sting says he’s all in. He will beat Angle and gain the title, and then go through Hulkamania! Sting tells that when he beats Hulk, his power will vanish, poof! “That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it, ta-ta for now!” Sting’s music blares but Hulk cuts it off. Hogan says that Sting must have something in his bag of tricks, so Hulk Hogan will be the special enforcer for the match tonight. “Now play my damn music!” and that leads us to the first commercial break.

((Jarrett’s Jab – I hope that Spike officials are watching and see how alive this crowd is! Hulk and Angle got booed and Sting blew the roof off the place! The crowd is alive and that’s good for business. It really impacts the program, pun intended. And I noticed that Sting’s new gear is black with lightning, similar to Hogan’s nWo gear. And one last thing, if you’re going to have Sting/Flair, why give it away on free TV?))

-Commercial Break-

Matt Morgan is on commentary and they discuss Samoa Joe’s new found rage.  Video plays of interviews from three of the final four: Bully Ray, Bobby Roode and James Storm. To see more, visit

Bound for Glory Series Match: Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe walks down the ramp as the bell rings. Matt Morgan walks from the announce table to block Joe from coming to the ring. Joe kicks Morgan in the privates and Staff hold Joe back.

Back in the ring, RVD hits two spinkicks for a two count. Gunner kicks RVD in the face to block a flip in the turnbuckle. Gunner throws RVD to the outside, back in, and pins for a two count. Joe is shown on the ramp and Gunner hits a rope assisted suplex. RVD gets right back in the game with clotheslines and a Rolling Thunder for two. Gunner counters an Irish Whip and hits a clothsline for two. Jerry Lynn is now seen walking down the ramp as RVD kicks Gunner and goes to the outside to tell Lynn to go. Lynn goes to the back and RVD goes for the Five Star, but RVD decides against it and almost gets pinned by a small package. RVD nails the thrust kick from the top and gets a two count by referee Jackson James. Spinkick by RVD gets him two again. Jerry Lynn pushes RVD off the top rope and Gunner nails a running knee for three.

Winner by Pinfall and advancing into the Final Four: Gunner

RVD looks on shocked as the announcers hype Styles/Daniels and Sting/Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. All the Knockouts are coming to the ring to hear Eric Bischoff’s major announcement which we will hear…after this commercial break. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I hated this match from the onset because it was never about the match, it was about whatever was happening on the outside. First it was Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan, then it was Joe by himself, then it was Jerry Lynn and RVD arguing, then Jerry Lynn interfering in the match. It was too complicated, I could see Joe trying to attack during the entrances, but time from the match to focus on a walking Joe was unnessecary.))

-Commercial Break-

We are back in Huntsville as Eric Bischoff makes his entrance accompanied by the Original Knockout Traci Brooks. Traci holds the ropes down for Eric and rubs his shoulder as he gets ready to speak. Bischoff says he’s never had the pleasure in his 25 years in this business to work with such a talented group of women. He thanks the Knockouts for being the heart and soul of TNA and proven ratings getters. He backtracks by saying that there still women and their driving him “over the frickin’ wall!” He says that Traci really convinced him that there has to be a woman to be a leader and basically implied that he slept with her. He introduced the VP of the Knockouts Division…KAREN JARRETT! Traci starts screaming as Karen makes her entrance accompanied by Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett waves to Bischoff as Karen gets into the ring. Karen says that Eric has made the right decision, and they are talented but have a long way to go. The camera cuts to Velvet Sky almost restraining Traci Brooks. Velvet starts a “She’s a Ho” chant at Karen and Karen shrugs it off. Karen says that ODB and Jackie are officially TNA Knockouts. Karen says that she’ll address ODB’s gestures later. Karen says that Traci really put herself out there to get this job and Bischoff laughs and says “three times” as Traci is about to blow a gasket. Karen announces to Traci that she will be beneath her as Karen’s assistant, and if a Knockout so much as looks at her the wrong way, they’ll be at Larry’s Cabaret on the shiny pole where they belong.

((Jarrett’s Jab – Really like Karen getting the onscreen role as she is a great Heel and is a heat magnet. Should make an uprising not only guaranteed, but a successful angle for TNA to run. Also glad that she’s being called the Knockout VP, not Knockout Law, just sounds more authoritative. Sure hope Karen does talk to ODB about her gestures, or at least her language. Less is more after all.))

-Commercial Break-

Mickie James going after Winter and Angelina during the commercial break was shown before we go to the ring for our second match of the evening.

Austin Aries and Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen

Aries tags in Kash as soon as the bell rings to go after Kendrick. Kash tries to pick Kendrick’s ankle only to chase him around the win.  Arm drags by Kendricks leads to Jesse Sorensen getting tagged in and hitting a drop kick. Sorensen hits an arm drag into an armlock, but Kash powers out and tags in Aries. Aries hits a big elbow for two and stomps the face of Sorensen. Aries drives Sorensen into Kash’s boot before tagging him in. Aries tags back in, but Sorensen takes them both down with right hands and a second rope dual-dropkick. Kendrick tags in and runs through Kash and Aries with jumping leg lariats. Kendrick pins Kash, but Aries breaks it up. Kendrick tags Sorensen in and sets up for the Doomsday device, but Aries slides out and shoves Kendrick into the corner, knocking Sorensen off balance. Tower of doom with Sorensen getting the worst of it leads to Aries sliding out. Kendrick knocks Kash out and Aries parades around the ring before Kendrick starts brawling with him up the ramp. Kash hesitantly goes for the Money Maker, but Sorensen counters and rolls him up for three.

Winners by Pinfall: Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick

Still to come is the Destination X Rematch between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and the Hardcore Justice rematch between Kurt Angle and Sting for the Heavyweight Championship with Hulk Hogan as the enforcer.

-Commercial Break-

A video package played showing how the strange alliance between Winter and Angelina Love happened and Winter’s Knockout Championship win.

Winter says that there has been so many incarnations of them, and they will be many more to come. Winter however notes that this is her favorite. If James tries to take the Knockouts title away from her, he will suck the life blood out of her.

Mickie James says she is tired of her voodoo-magic bulls**t, and she will wrestle her ass off to see if Winter can hang with Mickie James.

We will see the Hardcore Justice rematch for the Knockouts Championship between Champion Winter and Mickie James after this quick commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

A video package plays about Jeff Hardy and TNA Superstars talking about Jeff’s personal demons and that he will speak on Impact Wrestling next week. Tenay notes that The Network has given Jeff Hardy time to speak.

Backstage Kurt Angle is relaxing and drinking a cup of coffee. Hulk Hogan storms in (changing clothes from earlier) and tells Angle that he needs to stop taking people out one at a time, come to New York, and “kill the whole damn network!” Angle asks why, and Hogan says that they’ve given Jeff Hardy a live mic next week. Angle throws his coffee down as the crowd is shown and Tenay notes that there is no telling what Jeff will say next week.

Winter and James tie up and James powers Winter to the ground, but Winter rolls to the ropes. A roman knuckle lock leads to James getting a roll-up for two. Winter tries to roll out of the wrist lock, and ends up, locking in one of her own. James spins out and picks the knee, but Winter gets to the ropes. James connects with her. Angelina tries to knock James off, but James kicks her off and hits the top rope Lou Thez press. Angelina throws the title in the ring and referee Earl Hebner catches it and throws Angelina out. Winter gets the advantage while Earls’ back is turned by pulling her hair. James powers out and gets a Single leg Boston crab but Winter reaches the rope.  James holds on to her legs and drags her to the center of the ring. Running clotheslines by James lead to winter getting a blind elbow, but James trips her and kips-up. Jumping DDT by James counters, but both land head first into the mat. Winter rakes the eyes and takes her up. Rollup by James countered by Winter, which James slides out and hits the Jumping DDT. Winter gets her foot on the rope and then kicks James in the head for a two count. James connects with a kick of her own, which she quickly gets a pinfall and her championship back.

Winner by Pinfall and NEW Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

((Jarrett’s Jab – I’m sure the fact that the Hogan/Angle segment will fuel the rumor that Jeff’s return was suppose to be surprise due to the fact that it was obviously shot after the taping. Why else would Hulk have the need to change what he was wearing less than an hour ago. As for the Women’s match I like that James is champion again. Winter needed heat behind her and she simply didn’t get it, but it does make her look like a fluke champion to lose on the first defense. Hopefully the loss will allow her to gain some heat if a rematch is in the future. I like how they also did not resort to the blood/mist for this match. Mickie’s reaction at the PPV was a little over-the-top.))

-Commercial Break-

A video package plays hyping the AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels match for later tonight.

Matt Morgan makes his entrance, takes off his shirt and grabs a microphone. Morgan says that he’s had to watch Joe take out half the roster, which was one half stupid, one half evil. Joe cheapshotting the Blueprint was suicidal. He tells Joe to get his dumpy ass out there and get an “Alabama Ass-whippin.”

Joe makes his way down the ramp, but throws the referee into the barricade and goes after Morgan.  Joe rakes the eyes and lifts Morgan on his shoulders, but Morgan slides out, backs him in the corner, and hits the rapid fire elbows and then a shin to the face. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint, but Joe slides out and pulls Morgan to the outside. Morgan blasts Joe with a right hand and then sends him face first into the steel barricade. Morgan throws Joe headfirst into the ring post and then starts to maul Joe with right hands as referee Jackson James checks on Joe. Joe pushes referee James into Morgan and low-blows him. Joe grabs a chair and hits Morgan in the back and then wraps his right arm around the ring post and nails it with a chair.

-Commercial Break-

Robbie E interrupts Rob Terry at the gym and asks if he’s considered his offer. Eric Young is seen in a Tiger Print speedo lifting a seat and challenges Robbie E to a match for the Television Title next week.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are backstage and AJ tells Daniels not to hold anything back and that this will be the last time. AJ tells Daniels that Jeff Hardy is coming back and Daniels looks on shocked. AJ notes that “Life must be full of third and forth chances.” ((Jarrett’s Jab – I’ve been trying all night not to say anything bad about the Hardy’s but it’s too tempting. Regardless, AJ hit the nail on the head, he’s gotton so many chances, this would technically be his third run in TNA and his fifth in a major wrestling organization.))

-Commercial Break-

Hulk Hogan is shown giving Immortal a pep-talk, back in the clothes he was wearing in the opening segment. He tells Immortal to keep their eyes open if duty calls.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Tie up pleads to a quick pin attempt by AJ which psyches Daniels out. Headlock by Daniels takes two tries for AJ to break up in, and he winds up getting pinned for only two. Another headlock by Daniels, this time AJ gets the advantage with a slam and a splash for two. AJ slams Daniels head into the turnbuckle, gets a few rights and then a delayed suplex for two. Daniels seems to miss a dropkick but AJ goes through the ropes anyway. AJ quickly gets out of the way of a suicide dive by Daniels and AJ rolls Daniels back in for two. AJ locks in a deathlock with a chinlock, but Daniels reaches the ropes and AJ lets go. Daniels delivers rights to AJ’s abdomen, but AJ hits a gutbuster for two. AJ goes for a suplex, but Daniels lands on his feet and hits an STO on AJ. Daniels hits two clotheslines and kick to the side of the head, but hesitates long enough for AJ to hit the springboard clothesline for two. Daniels quickly goes for the palm strikes and they trade rights, which ends with a Pelé kick from AJ. AJ goes for the springboard reverse DDT and gets countered into a split-leg moonsault which is also countered. AJ counters the Angels Wing and AJ goes to the apron, AJ slips from the top rope and Daniels covers for three.

Winner by Pinfall: Christopher Daniels

AJ extends his hand and Daniels rushes off as the crowd boos Daniels all the way up the ramp.

The camera shows the Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, challenger Sting, and enforcer Hulk Hogan making their way down the corridor in separate camera shots as we head to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting (Special Enforcer: Hulk Hogan)

Tie-up to start the match with Sting getting the headlock, which Angle quickly fights to the corner. Sting hits clotheslines and uses the power game to hit two heptoses and Angle goes to the outside to regroup. Hogan gives Angle a pep talk and Angle gets in the ring at the count of three. Angle boots Stings midsection and hits a right hand, but Sting explodes with a clothesline. Angle goes back to the outside, but Sting follows him and slams him head first into the ring steps. Sting throws Angle in the ring and goes for the Stinger Spash, but Angle counters with the belly-to-back suplex followed by a headlock. Angle elbows Angle’s midsection to fight out, but gets caught in a sleeper. Sting quickly fights out and both competitors hit the floor and get up at a count of five. A string of clotheslines by Sting gets broken by Angle with a right hand, but Sting hits the Inverted DDT. Angle hits the three german suplexes and goes for the cover, but Sting shoots the arm up at two. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop, but gets a very close two count. Sting goes for the Death lock, but Angle counters and cinches in the Ankle Lock in the center of the ring. Sting rolls out and Angle runs after him and lands shoulder first into the ring post. Angle recovers quickly and hits Sting with a back throw and nails the Angle Slam for two. Angle sends the straps down and runs toward Sting, but Sting hits a strong clothesline and locks in the Scorpion Death Drop. Hogan motions for the back and Gunner runs in the ring with a chair, but referee Brian Hebner grabs it. Gunner distracts the ref as Angle taps. Hogan nails Sting in the midsection with a chair, but Sting…er…Stings up. Angle hits the Angle Slam on the steel chair and covers him for a three count.

Winner by Pinfall and STILL Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

Sting runs through Angle with right hands that send him to the floor. Hogan goes for a chair, but Sting puts his foot on it. Hogan begs off in the corner, but Bully Ray nails Sting from behind and Immortal gangs up on Sting. Mister Anderson’s music blares and he runs through Abyss and Gunner with a baseball bat and goes for Bully Ray, who retreats up the ramp.

Angle motions that he’s the champ as we cut to black.

((Jarrett’s Jab – As I’ve noted on multiple occasions, I’m not a fan of Heavyweight Championship Shots on Free TV simply because if they get used to seeing those matches on free TV, why would they buy the Pay-Per-Views? Anderson coming out is logical and hopefully that means Anderson steps up as Angle’s next challenger at No Surrender. Good bout between Angle and Sting that started off slow, but picked up after the commercial. Surprised that the crowd was alive as they were and it really gives me hope that Impact Wrestling on the road will become more common. This also gives me hope that in Pittsburgh, Angle’s home state of Philadelphia won’t be too receptive of him, reaction wise. Remember that next week’s Impact Wrestling will also take place at Huntsville, Alabama and will feature Jeff Hardy’s return and a live mic.))

  • Mal

    match iv been waiting for..since daniels come back to tna..and i missed it..stupid god-forsaken salons!

  • Jarrett Cox

    @Mal I was able to find it for you on Youtube, but the quality is off
    TNA has it on their youtube account, but it’s not the whole match, starts at 3:17 of the previous link

    Hope that helps!

  • Dylan

    I was just watching the Winter/Mickie James match again on Youtube, and I noticed something. Mike Tenay said, “That’s right, BOTH of the singles titles are on the line tonight.”

    I guess my prayers have been answered and they have effectively retired the Legends/Global/TV Championship, by giving it to Eric Young and then having Eric Young do comedy skits.

    I was really hoping they would either make it mean something or get rid of it entirely. Looks like they went for the latter. Now if only we can either (a) get more knockout tag-teams or (b) get rid of the knockouts tag-titles.

  • Joe Vincent

    I’m actually for the Television Championship, but not the way that iMPACT Wrestling is currently using the belt. Here’s my thought process…

    I’m not entirely sure if the X-Division Championship is an adequate “number one contender” title much like the Intercontinental and United States Championships used to be. I’d guess that with the addition of a weight limit, the X-Division Championship is now more or less the Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Championship. Fine, whatever – doesn’t really bother me. But I think that leaves iMPACT Wrestling with the need for a “second tier” championship and it’s a damn shame that they’ve bastardized the Television Championship the way that they have recently.

    They should go back to that title’s roots (in professional wrestling, not iMPACT Wrestling). Make the Television Champion a guy like AJ Styles and put him in the main event each week on iMPACT Wrestling (or the second-to-last match if the last match features the World Heavyweight Champion). Ideally, the promotion would let that Television Championship mean something by literally being defended each week on iMPACT Wrestling in high intensity matches.

    Or hell – maybe they should just retire it. I don’t know. I’m just looking for a modern day Arn Anderson who becomes the Television Champion and puts on solid, quality matches each week defending the title.

  • Dylan

    I forgot about the X-Division title, momentarily, which makes me believe maybe Mike Tenay just misspoke.

    I actually totally agree with ya Joe. I wouldn’t mind a TV Championship at all, so long as it’s legit. I just think if they aren’t going to make it legit, they shouldn’t use it. I’m also an advocate for not having too many championships and champions. The most meaningful days for champions in the WWE were back when you had the tag titles, the IC title, and the heavyweight title. That was it, and to be a champion really meant something.

    But yeah, a TV title that’s actually defended on every televised broadcast would be great. And you’re right, it could serve the same sort of role that WWE’s Intercontinental championship does, or once did.