Transcript: Cookie Talks About TNA Departure

Source: Diva Dirt

Earlier Joe posted audio of former TNA Knockout Cookie (Becky Bayless) regarding her departure from TNA Wrestling. Diva Dirt has posted a brief transcript of that segment of the interview:

“At first it took me off guard. I had had talks with the office, obviously, because I was aware that my contract was coming up and I was under the impression that I would be signing a new contract. I actually found out a few days after my contract expired, so I was a little taken off guard.

But in the 48 hours following, I reached out to some friends of mine, a lot of friends reached out to me and it really opened my eyes that it’s not a loss as much as it is closing one chapter and opening a whole new one.

I’ve just been exploring all kinds of other opportunities that have been popping up. A few of them are very exciting. As you well know in wrestling, nothing’s for sure until you walk through the curtain so till then everything’s just talk but I definitely have a lot that I’m excited about and working on right now. It’s also been very nice the numbers of people that have reached out to me.”

  • Dylan

    I’ll miss Cookie. Aside from being ridiculously gorgeous, she did a great job at making fans love to hate her. She’s very much a modern day Sherri Martel in that regard, I think.

    I don’t understand releasing her, just as I don’t understand releasing Jay Lethal, or Amazing Red. But you don’t know I don’t work at TNA and I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

    I hope she finds something that suits her talents well.

    I guess this is why we’ve been seeing Robbie E. and Cookie argue a lot on television–giving an explanation for her absence. I wonder if she knew that’s why she was doing it.

  • Joe Vincent

    I think somewhere later in the interview she comments that she may be brought back to run an angle and that you never say never in professional wrestling. You never know – maybe she’ll wind up being Amazing Red’s valet in some weird All Wheels Wrestling type of gimmick. 😉