Eric Bischoff Interview Highlights – Updates on Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy, Jason Hervey, and Matt Hardy

Source: Monday Night Mayhem

Last night, The Big Mosh and Todd Vincent interviewed iMPACT Wrestling’s Eric Bischoff. Of the many highlights from this interview, Bischoff revealed the following news items regarding Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy.

On Where Ric Flair Has Been:
“Ric Flair is out with a shoulder injury. I haven’t talked to Ric in a while now so I’m not sure what his status is. I know he’s anxious to get back – I’ve heard that through other people. This time of year is very busy for me and with everything that has been going on in my family, I just haven’t stayed in close contact with enough people. I hope to see Ric real soon. I enjoy the hell out of Ric and respect the hell out of Ric and love working with him and look forward to him being back on iMPACT.”

On What the Latest Information is on Jeff Hardy:
“I have no updates on Jeff Hardy. I’m not involved in his situation within TNA. I hope for the best for Jeff. He’s a very talented young man. He’s a great guy. He really is. Now, I haven’t gotten to know him very, very well, but I believe he is a good-hearted individual that just got caught up in some issues and from what I heard he’s dealing with them.”

The following points are additional highlights from last night’s Bischoff interview.

On How He Grew a Successful Business Relationship with Jason Hervey:
“Jason is a very, very, very bright young man. Both sides of his family have been on the business side of the entertainment business for two generations. In fact, one of his cousins is Laura Wassert the famous divorce attorney – she’s handling Maria Shriver’s divorce, actually… As time went on and while I was at WCW I was beginning to get the urge to create new television shows – I would pick Jason’s brain because he was so well-connected and knew so much more about the business in that respect and we just hit it off.

And we tried a couple of projects together. In fact, we literally developed a project that I wanted to bring to WCW and had sold it to what was then the FOX Kids Network. The project never got made – they optioned it – but the whole process and the experience of developing and pitching a television show was something that I knew 15 or 20 years ago was the direction I was headed.”

On What the Latest Information is on Matt Hardy:
“I haven’t really heard his name bantered around so I don’t really know what the status is with Matt.”

Bischoff also talked about how he has been interested in getting back involved as a play-by-play guy during a broadcast, his Buffalo Bill Cody Beer Company, and more. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here. Enjoy!