Our Apologies for the Unacceptable Outage

Good morning, everyone.

Let me begin this brief statement by offering my sincerest apologies to all of the readers of TNAStars.com and TBLWrestling.com for the completely unacceptable outage that occurred over the last 13 hours. Many of you have tried to visit the website and instead of reading the absolute best coverage of iMPACT Wrestling and WWE you were met with a bizarre “Account Migration in Progress” message.

Please understand that we made repeated attempts to contact our hosting company to have this outage resolved, but did not receive any response. Earlier this morning, I called the company and expressed my extreme displeasure with their service and their inability to adequately respond to my problems. Without apologizing, they alerted me to the fact that one of their associates made a mistake last night and ran an unnecessary script that reset certain DNS entries for thousands of websites. In other words, someone hit the wrong button and the end result was 13 hours of an outage for you and I. Unacceptable.

As such, I am searching out a new hosting company and have a few companies in mind. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And – again – we apologize for this completely unacceptable service outage.


  • chris butler

    Hello Joe, May I offer a suggestion, I have some computer experience with these type of things, to block and use security settings, so that other web sites don’t interfere with your important T.N.A web links, please and thank you. Have a nice day, Chris Butler