More Hulk Hogan Twitter Confusion

The saga of Hulk Hogan’s official Twitter account continues.

As many remember Eric Bischoff announced last August that Hulk Hogan had an official Twitter account and relayed an account name to the fans. He later said he was duped and it was not indeed the Hulksters real Twitter account, and Hogan’s real account would be @HulkHogan4Real.

Hogan has now almost a year later changed his account to @HulkHogan, and had it officially verified by Twitter. Here’s where the confusion begins.

As of yesterday Impact Wrestling’s Twitter feed on their site was still posting Tweets from the now fake @HulkHogan4Real account. I have not seen any today so I’m assuming they have removed that feed.

Hulk Hogan’s official website, is still linking to @HulkHogan4Real which is now parodying the Hulkster.

So for the record, as far as I can tell if you want real Hulk hogan tweets go to!/hulkhogan if you want the parody go to!/hulkhogan4real.

  • Mal

    hahahahhaa i run a parody account myself & i can tell you the HulkHogan4Real is fake & just for laughs!

  • William B. West

    I’m sure that Hogan has someone under contract to handle his internet marketing. They should have been smart enough to notify all business partners(like Impact Wrestling) that there was a switch going on, and the webmaster of his official site should have changed the link as well. If I was Hogan I would look for a new internet guy.