Kevin Nash Denies Ghost Rider Report

As we reported yesterday, former TNA star Kevin Nash was listed by the usually reliable IMDB as playing a role in the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie.

Kevin took to Twitter today via his official account to shoot down the report, “don’t know where the Ghost Rider story came from but not me.I think I would remember filming it.What an a**hole if i did but forgot.”

So it looks like IMDB got this one wrong according to Nash. In other Kevin Nash movie news, Jim Ross blogged the following today, “What’s Kevin Nash up to. Oh, about 7 feet. Seriously, Kevin called me Monday on his way back from France where he wrestled on a one off event in the southern part of France and was on his way back to Miami where he’s filming a movie. Kevin plays Tom Cruise’s bodyguard in the film. It’s a huge, $200M film w/ an all star cast.”