Jeremy Borash Filling In for Taz this Sunday

Source: Twitter

Earlier today, Taz announced that he would not be able to attend this Sunday’s Destination X pay-per-view. In a further tweet, Taz cited that he had some family obligations that are keeping him from commentating on the show. Here are the combined text of his first and second tweets:

Very sorry to say I will not be able to work the Dest X ppv sunday, but I WILL be at TV tapings. Get this ppv, gonna be kickass show!! I have a family obligation on Sunday, thank u all for your concearns. All is well.

Jeremy Borash confirmed via his own Twitter account that he would be filling in for Taz during the pay-per-view. Specifically, Borash tweeted:

Looking forward to joining the announce table for Destination X this Sunday. This is going to be a fun PPV! Don’t miss it!

  • Joe

    Really a great opportunity for Jeremy Borash. I wish him the best!

  • james

    id like to see don west also at the announce table .
    i think he would make a great heel announcer.