iMPACT Wrestling Results (7/7): X's and an Ultimatum


Impact Wrestling

Opening Segment
A recap of last week with Heath Ledger…oops…I mean Sting terrorizing Hulk Hogan kicks off the 300th episode of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

Inside the Impact Zone, Bully Ray is in the ring with Gunner and Scott Steiner. He says that talk is cheap and for Mr. Anderson to get his ass down there. Anderson performs his usual self-introduction at the top of the ramp before getting in the ring to face Ray. Bully Ray mocks Anderson’s catchphrase and tells “jackoff” Anderson to shut his mouth and listen because a lot of people are pissed off at him. He asks Anderson if he’s noticed Sting running around attacking people, and asks what makes him think that he can beat Sting next week? He can’t because Anderson needs Immortal as much as Immortal needs Anderson and the TNA World Title, and Immortal will have his back as long as he makes them happy and takes Sting out. Steiner tells Anderson that he has to decide if he’s with them or against them, and then Gunner reminds Anderson that tonight will be all of Immortal against Sting and Kurt Angle, and Immortal wants an answer by the end of that match, or Immortal will make sure he never sees the light of day on Impact ever again.

Gunner says to hit Immortal’s music, but instead we get Sting’s music and we see Sting, once again in full Joker facepaint, up in the rafters laughing at Immortal. The lights go out, and when they come up, Kurt Angle is in the ring and lays out Steiner and Gunner with Angle Slams while Bully Ray runs. Angle tells Anderson that he has a decision to make tonight, and not to make it hard on himself.

James Storm is backstage with Bobby Roode and asks him if the arm is okay, and Roode says not really, but he needs points.

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Time to catch up on the Bound For Glory Series with last weekend’s events in Brooklyn and Asbury Park. Crimson is back in first place with 24, closely followed by Gunner with 21. Pope, Roode and Joe have zero points at the moment

Bound For Glory Series: Bobby Roode vs Crimson

Crimson takes Roode down with a shoulderblock, targeting Roode’s bad arm, but Roode comes back by whipping Crimson to the ropes and wiping him out with a back elbow. Crimson doesn’t miss a beat, ramming Roode into the corner and laying in some shoulderblocks, but Roode reverses to shoulderblocks of his own, then hits a snapmare and Mr Perfect necksnap for 2. Crimson catches Roode on a leapfrog attempt, dumps him throat first on the top rope, then hits a flying shoulderblock that sends Roode tumbling to the ring apron. Crimson brings him back in with a Falcon Arrow suplex for 2 and then ties Roode up in a three quarter nelson, ramming knees into the forehead of Roode and turning it into a swinging neckbreaker that only gets 2. Crimson ducks a wild swing and hits a T-bone suplex for 2, but Roode gets his elbow up on a charge in the corner and comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster. Both men get back to their feet and Roode unloads with right hands and gets a spinebuster, but hurts his arm and hesitates before covering just long enough to get a 2 count. Roode tries a Perfectplex, but Crimson slips out and gets a schoolboy rollup, and Roode rolls right through at 2 and gets a Fujiwara armbar. Crimson makes the ropes and heads to the apron, then hits a HUGE shoulderblock to the ribs from the outside, Roode dodges the Red Sky but gets rammed into the corner and then Crimson hits the Red Sky for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Crimson

Crimson extends his lead to 31 points to Gunner’s second place 21.

We see a quick video profile of Tony Nese, who is in tonight’s Destination X tournament match, then Abyss is freaking out because he can’t find his mask, and we see Brian Kendrick wearing it while walking around the back.

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We see a video package of Jack Evans.

Brian Kendrick is in the ring with Abyss’ mask and promises to give it back if Abyss will come out and hear him out. Abyss comes out with a towel slung over his head. Kendrick says stuff that basically amounts to Abyss’ ego keeping him from doing what he can to help the X Division, and he wears the mask to hide the pain within. He wants to help Abyss shed his ego and fulfill his potential, but his mission is to beat him for the X Division Title. He hands Abyss the mask back, Abyss puts it on, and Abyss bears me out on that by laying Kendrick out, then taking him to the outside and beating him up more out there. He tosses Kendrick back in the ring and Kendrick tries to fight back, but Abyss continues beating him down and flattens him with Shock Treatment. He goes to leave, but comes back and gives Kendrick the Black Hole Slam, THEN leaves. ((Jarrett’s Jab – This sure isn’t helping the PPV, Kendrick, Abyss, or my eyes at this point.))

A video package for Jesse Sorensen airs.

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Destination X Tournament: Tony Nese vs Jesse Sorensen vs Jack Evans

Evans gets a big reaction from the crowd. The match starts with a three way Greco-Roman knucklelock. They roll each other up until Nese literally launches Evans to the floor and then Sorensen-small packages him for only a two count. Evans kicks Nese in the face and then gets a rolling senton from the apron for two. Evans uses various acrobatic moves to dodge around Nese’s moves and wipes him out with a dropkick, but then Nese rips his head off with a clothesline for a two count. Nese goes up top and Sorensen hits a leaping enziguiri that sends Nese to the floor and takes him out with a dive. Jack Evans slingshots onto the top rope and hits a 450 dive that wipes both guys out. Evans tosses them both back in and covers Sorensen for two and Nese for two. Nese dodges a carge in the corner and then destroys Evans with a running forearm for a two count. Sorensen boots Nese in the head and kills Evans with a Wave of the Future, but Evans gets his foot on the ropes for two. Nese pops Sorensen into the air and flapjacks him and then gets a bridging German suplex, but Evans hits a standing 450 on Nese for only a two count. Sorensen puts Evans up top but Evans dumps him to the floor. Nese hits a leaping enziguiri on Evans and tries a superplex, but Evans hits a gourdbuster into the ring and finishes Nese with a 630.

Winner by pinfall: Jack Evans

((Jarrett’s Jab – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the matches in this tourney, except for the spot-fest on the 23rd. All that advanced in this tournament, with the exception of the winner on the 23rd, deserve contracts. I’d like to see more out of Zion. Heck, I’d like to hear his name so I know if I got that right.))

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The British Invasion (all three of them) are backstage talking about how they need to win the title back so they’re taken seriously again, but first Doug Williams needs to make his mark at Destination X.

Speaking of Destination X, we go to comments from Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Robbie E, and Shannon Moore, who are all in this weekend’s Ultimate X match. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Moore is still hired in Impact Wrestling? Shock to me, figured they just made all the Hardy’s disappear.))

Velvet Sky is backstage talking about how she’s done taking shit from anyone, and she’ll sound like a total bitch saying this, but she’s smart and beautiful because she suckered them into this stipulation and will cleanse TNA two ugly hogs at a time. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Too bad this guy is cheering for the two ugly hogs to win.))

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Sting is backstage singing his take of “Eye of the Tiger” on top of the lockers, and Kurt Angle asks him if he’s okay. Sting says he’s doing great because next week is Midsummer Nightmare, and he’s going to win the title back and get the power back in his court. Angle says Sting is out of his mind and he doesn’t think he can trust him tonight, but Sting says he knows exactly what he’s doing, then starts singing “Eye of the Stinger” again as Angle walks off. Sting keeps singing and talking to himself for about another thirty seconds after Angle leaves until we cut back to the ring.

Velvet Sky vs ODB & Miss Jackie

Velvet doesn’t come out from the entrance, and instead runs out of the crowd and wipes Jackie out with a chair, then nails ODB with it. She comes in with shoulderblocks in the corner on ODB and wipes her out with a clothesline. Velvet lets out a big “WHOOOOOOOOO!” as she chops ODB in the corner, then continues to unload on ODB. Velvet hits a bulldog on ODB, but Jackie comes in and nails Velvet from behind. Jackie throws Velvet across the ring by the hair, but Velvet clotheslines her and gets a full bodyslam and goes for the cover. ODB, with her first bit of offense in the entire match, dives across the ring to break the count. She tries a charge in the corner, but Velvet moves and goes back after her, but Jackie blindsides her again. Velvet finally nails Jackie with a clothesline and then dodges a chairshot from ODB, and ODB knocks Jackie out. Velvet kicks ODB to the floor and hits her spike DDT on Jackie for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Velvet Sky

ODB says, and I quote, “YOU AIN’T GETTING RID OF ME, YOU LOOSE HUSSY! BAAMMM!” ((Jarrett’s Jab – I’ve hated this entire storyline, but I wish ODB could stay. The Knockout’s title is so transparent, I actually had to look up who the champion was, and Mickie is one of my favorite women wrestlers.))

Pope and Devon are backstage and Pope tries to solidify their partnership by offering him shades, but Devon says that he better not think of doublecrossing him, and walks off.

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Christopher Daniels talks about he’s been a wrestling fan his whole life, but AJ Styles has been more consistent than him. This Sunday is about proving himself, and he wouldn’t put his body through what he has for the last 18 years if he didn’t care so much about wrestling and being the best.

Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam

Daniels and RVD start, but RVD quickly tags out to Lynn and lets him go at it with Daniels. They do a quick back and forth exchange and Daniels scores with a leg lariat for a one count. Lynn gets a big flying headscissors and sends Daniels into the corner where AJ tags himself in. Now AJ and Lynn go at it with some chain wrestling. Lynn gets a flying victory roll for two and they wind up in an indy standoff. Lynn points over at RVD, and AJ walks over to tag him in and now RVD and Lynn will face off. They do a quick back and forth sequence with neither guy able to connect on anything, and then Daniels tags himself in off of Lynn and takes RVD out with an STO. Daniels with a running forearm in the corner, but RVD gets the stepover leg lariat and a standing moonsault, then hits Rolling Thunder for a two count. Daniels hits a jawbreaker, but RVD takes Daniels out with a spinkick to the chest. Daniels makes a hot tag to AJ and RVD tags out to Lynn, and now Lynn takes AJ out with a leaping enziguiri and puts him up top and hits a super Frankensteiner. Daniels tags himself in and drop toeholds Lynn into the second turnbuckle and then hits the second rope curb stomp for two. RVD comes in and nails Daniels, but AJ wipes him out with a springboard forearm, but Lynn hits an inverted suplex that dumps AJ onto the top rope. Daniels hits a uranage on Lynn and tries the BME, Lynn moves so Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings, but Lynn hit an Air Raid Crash. Unbeknownst to Lynn, RVD had blind tagged himself in and comes off the top rope with the Five Star Frogsplash and gets the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

((Jarrett’s Jab – The wrong guy won this. I think Daniels should have won it to look like a threat to Styles this Sunday. It would also be his first noteworthy win since coming back to TNA. Too bad they didn’t think of that.))

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Eric Young was standing next to a trailer and was talking about how he’s a huge star. He said he was going to take the fight to Hollywood. ((Jarrett’s Jab – And I’m banging my head on the wall. AJ Styles can’t save that poor belt now, Eric has ruined any salvageable part of it. That could have been a great way to elevate heels like it did in WCW.))

Bound For Glory Series: Matt Morgan & James Storm vs The Pope & Devon

Pope gives one of Devon’s sons his Pope shades on his way to the ring, causing Devon to look concerned. Devon and Storm start off, and Storm kicks him in the gut and gets a shoulderblock for a two count. Morgan tags himself in and nails Devon with a back elbow and a big slam, then hits a legdrop off the ropes for two. Morgan sets Devon up for the Rapid Fire elbows, but Storm tags himself in and promptly takes a flying shoulderblock, slam, and leaping headbutt from Devon for two. Pope frantically yells for the tag, so Devon obliges and Pope quickly winds up on the receiving end of a hiptoss and tags right back out. Devon stares out at Pope and Storm sneaks in with a rollup for two, then tags out to Morgan, who now hits the Rapid Fire elbows. Morgan gets a side suplex for a two count and tags out to Storm, but Devon gets the boot up on a charge and gets a shoulderblock off the second rope, then makes the tag to Pope. Pope comes in with a flying clothesline, then an inverted atomic drop and clothesline. Pope dropkicks Morgan off the ring apron and goes up for the ten punches on Storm, but Storm ducks a shot and gets a lungblower and goes for the cover, but Morgan drags him off at two. Storm and Morgan get into a shoving match, allowing Devon to sneak in and attack, but Morgan hits a clothesline that sends both of them to the floor. Storm and Pope hit heads and Pope goes out to the floor as we see Morgan holding his knee in pain, and Morgan’s production distracts the referee so Pope can nail Storm with one of the tag title belts. Storm is out, but Pope tags out to Devon and lets him come in to get the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Pope & Devon

Since Devon got the pin, he is the lucky recipient of seven whole points!

Ken Anderson is backstage, and he says that he’s not a good person to give ultimatums to, just ask his former employer.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are at the Sport Palace in Mexico City, and Jeff’s looking at the glass as being half full, and next week when they return to the Impact Zone, they’re going to throw a fiesta like it’s never seen before. Karen says they have something for all the members of Immortal, and Jeff has something even bigger for Hulk and Eric.

Sting is backstage letting Hulk Hogan beat the crap out of him with some really fake sounding punch sound effects like in a movie, and Hogan grabs Sting’s bat and comes after him. Sting says “oh, crap!” right before Hogan cracks him with it and reminds Sting that he’ll never embarrass him again.

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Kurt Angle & Sting vs Abyss, Gunner, Scott Steiner & Bully Ray

Steiner blindsides Angle to start off this handicap match. Angle comes back with an overhead release suplex on Steiner for a two count. Bully Ray tags in, tears Angle’s shirt off, and chops him hard on the chest. Ray connects with a neckbreaker for two and goes for the Bubba Bomb, but Angle reverses to a German suplex. Gunner tags in and Angle quickly backdrops him and hits a snap suplex for two. Angle tosses Gunner to his corner and lets him tag Abyss in. Abyss tries a powerslam, but Angle slips out. Abyss tries a chokeslam, but Angle rolls out of it and gets Abyss in the anklelock. The rest of Immortal comes in to go after Angle and make him break the hold, and Abyss is able to tag out to Steiner, who comes in with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Gunner comes in and puts the boots to Angle and drills him with a back elbow for only a two count. Ray takes a chain and goes to hit Angle with it, but Ken Anderson’s music hits and he comes down the aisle. Ray is distracted by his entrance and allows Angle to hit an Angle Slam on Ray, then hops up on the apron and extends his hand. Angle tags him in and clears out Immortal and sets up for the Mic Check on Ray, but changes his mind and gives it to Angle instead. He “tags” Angle back in and drags him out to the middle of the ring so Bully Ray can cover him for the win.

Winners: Immortal

Immortal seems confused with what happened and ask Anderson what his deal is, and he responds by leaping into the arms of Abyss with his hands raised in victory. Immortal celebrates as Hulk Hogan comes out to the top of the ramp and applauds his boys. ((Jarrett’s Jab – At least Sting didn’t clear house. This has got to be the second worst PPV buildup I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry, there’s a PPV Sunday! Hope you can name more than two matches off the card.))