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iMPACT Wrestling Spoilers (7/7): Mr. Anderson…
at 8:06 am
Written by Joe Vincent
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iMPACT Wrestling Spoilers (7/7):  Mr. Anderson...

Source: PWInsider.com

Mike Johnson over at PWInsider.com posted some spoilers for next week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV. It looks like the buildup towards the company’s Destination X pay-per-view comes to a head during this show. Next week, we’ll see the debuts of Jack Evans, Tony Nese, Jesse Sorensen. Also, a major twist is made at the end of the show.

Feel free to scroll down and read the entire set of spoilers for next week’s show.


Scott Brooks was at the Impact tapings on Tuesday night and sent the results for the July 7th episode of Impact Wrestling.

The show started with Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner from Immortal coming to the ring. Mr. Anderson eventually came out. Ray lets Anderson know that he is either with them or against them. Steiner and Gunner also have something to say to Anderson. They mention the handicap match that Immortal has against Sting and Kurt Angle later tonight. Sting’s music hits and the lights in the Impact Wrestling Zone go out. The lights go back on and Kurt Angle ends up in the ring and lays out the members of Immortal before having a stare down with Anderson

In a Bound for Glory Series Match: Crimson defeated Bobby Roode match via Red Sky.

Abyss is backstage with a towel over his head. They cut to Brian Kendrick in his robe meditating wearing while Abyss’ mask.

In the ring, a now fully clothed Brian Kendrick comes to the ring wearing Abyss’ mask. Kendrick calls out Abyss, who is still wearing the towel over his head. Kendrick cuts a cryptic promo on why Abyss wears a mask and he mentions their match at Destination X. Kendrick gives the mask back to Abyss, who puts it on. After putting the mask on, Abyss beats up Kendrick and hits Shock Treatment followed by a Black Hole Slam. Abyss goes outside and grabs a chair and is about to hit Kendrick with it, but Amazing Red, Generation Me, and Alex Shelley make the save while Abyss leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle is walking around backstage until he sees Sting, who is laughing. Sting cuts a promo talking about next week’s Midsummer Nightmare Impact.

In an X Division Showcase Qualifying Match, Jack Evans defeated Tony Nese and Jesse Sorensen via 630 Splash.

The Contract match at Destination X is set and it will be Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Zema Ion (Shiima Xion) vs. Austin Aries.

In a Handicap Match, Velvet Sky defeated ODB and Jackie. Because they are still not ‘under contract’, ODB and Jackie did not get entrances and entered from the backstage area. ODB went to hit Velvet with a chair and accidentally hit Jackie. Velvet kicked the chair into ODB, and hit a Snap DDT on Jackie for the three count.

In a Four Corners Survival Match, Rob Van Dam defeated AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Jerry Lynn. The match featured a lot of action with Rob Van Dam or Jerry Lynn squaring off with AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels. Van Dam and Lynn did have a brief sequence against each other during the match. The finish came when Jerry Lynn hit a Kryptonite Krunch on Christopher Daniels followed by Rob Van Dam hitting a Five Star Frog Splash on Daniels and getting the three count.

In a Bound For Glory Series Match, Devon and D’Angelo Dinero defeated James Storm and Matt Morgan when Devon pinned Storm. Prior to the match, Devon tried to keep Dinero from going near his kids who were at ringside. During the match, Matt Morgan pulled James Storm off of Devon because he wanted the points for the series. Morgan took a fall to the outside and appeared to be injured. While the referee was distracted, Dinero hit Storm with the TNA tag title and tagged in Devon and allowed Devon to get the pinfall. Devon appeared to be confused about the situation.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan attacks Sting with a baseball bat.

In a handicap match, Bully Ray, Abyss, Scott Steiner, and Gunner defeated Kurt Angle and Sting. Due to the attack by Hulk Hogan, Sting did not make his way to the ring for the match. Angle had the upper hand for most of the match. Mr. Anderson’s music played and he came out and got on the apron in Kurt’s corner. Kurt tagged him in, and Anderson looked to hit the Mic Check on Ray, but stopped and turned around and hit it on Angle. He dragged Angle to the corner so Anderson could tag out, and Bully Ray pinned Kurt Angle.

After the match, Anderson jumped into Immortal’s arms and was hoisted in the air by Abyss. Hulk Hogan came out to the stage and applauded.

In a match taped for Xplosion: Hernandez (with Anarquia, Sarita, and Rosita) defeated Max Buck (with Jeremy Buck).

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