Kurt Angle on Desmond Wolfe and Dixie Carter

Source: Manchester Confidential

TNA Wrestling does a lot of promotion for its overseas tours – usually months in advance. The upcoming January 2012 tour of Europe is no exception! Kurt Angle recently spoke with Steve Waring of Manchester Confidential. The interview spanned a variety of topics including how he believed Desmond Wolfe had more talent in his little finger than all of the guys in WWE, Dixie Carter is the best boss to work for, and how the folks at TNA Wrestling know that the United Kingdom is their second home.

You can scroll down to read some interview highlights or click here to read the entire interview. Enjoy!


On Working for Dixie Carter:
Having a boss like her makes me want to perform even more than I normally would. She pays me well, she takes care of me, she knows when to push me and she knows when to rest me. She really listens to me, which is what you need, especially when you are the lead guy in the company. She lets me have a say in what I do, and that benefits the TNA. Saying that, sometimes she’s too nice, and people have taken advantage of that in the past, but I couldn’t work for anyone better.

On Desmond Wolfe:
One of those guys [WWE] never even gave a chance to was Desmond Wolfe. He has more talent in his little finger than any of the guys in the WWE. I took a quick liking to him the first time we wrestled – he was aggressive, intense, technical, and has a great mind for wrestling. You don’t just put a bunch of moves together, there is a reason you structure a match the way you do, and Desmond Wolfe is one of the few that can really understand that.

On Changing from iMPACT! to iMPACT Wrestling:
If the WWE want to go towards entertainment, that’s fine. We’re all about the wrestling. The X-Division is going to be a huge part of that, and so is the Knockout division. You’re going to see less talking and more wrestling. I remember on WWE Smackdown, we always started with Rey Mysterio, or Eddie Guerrero, a perfect way to start the night and get the fans hyped. You have to tell your storylines, so you to need to have promos and interviews, but ultimately, especially with MMA out there now, people want fights, and we can do that.

On TNA Wrestling Doing More in the United Kingdom:
Yeah, we listen to what our ratings are over here – the UK is our second home. I think Impact Wrestling is ready for us to do live TV shows over here. Even though we are only eight years old, our fans are amazing, they always show up. Apart from New York, Wembley Arena was our biggest live crowd to date. The UK holds spots two to six in our attendance records, which is pretty impressive.