Audio: Excellent Eric Bischoff Interview – 2 Part


I haven’t hidden the fact that I’m a big fan of Eric Bischoff. His book, Controversy Creates Cash, was the best professional wrestling book that I’ve ever read (even beating out Mick Foley’s phenomenal Have a Nice Day!). He’s a big-time, successful television executive with his Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment organization (he notes in the interview below that his company has 11 different shows under production and is the largest independent provider of content to the TruTV network). He is one of the few folks in professional wrestling who understand the television side of the business better than anyone else (I would suggest that Vince McMahon knows a great deal as well, but he also has the benefit of history and a top dollar team at his disposal).

All of the things that I like about Bischoff come through in the interview below. If you have about 25 minutes, I suggest listening to this interview – it is absolutely fantastic. Enjoy!

  • Mark Littles

    There are more parts, I think it’s at part 4 today.