What Did You Think About Slammiversary IX?

Hey everyone – what did you think about tonight’s Slammiversary IX pay-per-view?

For my part, I think that it is an interesting decision to have Mr. Anderson win the World Heavyweight Championship from Sting, especially since we’re now closer to the next Bound for Glory than the last one. Also, I’m not sure what pushing Bully Ray over AJ Styles accomplishes in the long run, but if it helps to establish Ray as an ultra heel, then that’s not entirely a bad thing. Also, I was glad to see my man Matt Morgan win – score another one for the good guys!

I’m particularly interested in the opinions of anyone who actually saw the show. Did you order the show? If so, why did you order it? Was there a new looking set? What should those of us who didn’t order the show know more than anything else? What was the feel of the crowd? How did the show come off on TV (or on the web if you watched it online)?

Use the comments section below and remember to put your best foot forward and be respectful. The team at TNAStars.com and I can’t wait to hear from you about tonight’s show. Enjoy!

  • Brandon

    Well i liked that tna put matt morgan over (hopfully he stays important now). I liked bully ray winning that means we will see more of these brutal brawls. And i liked mr. Anderson winning the title. I didnt like angle winning, because i would rather have jeff jarrett in the spot light, and we already saw angle/ anderson last year

  • Mark Littles

    stale… mostly because of the crowd.
    I feel like there are times where the wrestlers could feed off the energy from the crowd, but the crowd was just absent.

    the matches, considering them being in the Impact Zone, were good. But… wow… they really need to get out of the Impact Zone.

    Additionally, I don’t like being lied to. I’m talking to you Immortal… talking about no interference in the title shot…