Photo: James Storm Wedding Picture

TNA star and one half of Beer Money, James Storm (real name James Cox) was married this past March to Dani McEntee. Here is the official wedding photo:

James Storm Wedding Photo

  • Karley

    Hi James! I’m glad your happy…even tho i wish it were me lol…
    I am happy to have gotten a picture with you when you came to Erie. Thanks so much ^^

  • Jane

    Damn. Oh, well, at least I got a LITTLE piece of action one sumeer evening before he tied the knot (while he was dating Crytal) Muah!!!!

  • Victoria-Valentina

    wauw wauw wauw i am really happy for james and dani i wish you people more many years and journey regards from a big fan of jame sstorm Victoria-Valentina (ViVa)