TNA Unveils Brand New iMPACT Wrestling Logo; Company's Website Completely Renovated, Too

Source: Facebook &

Earlier tonight, TNA Wrestling rebranded its flagship show. Instead of simply being known as TNA iMPACT!, the show will now be known as Impact Wrestling. Below is an image of the new graphic as it appeared on Facebook just a few moments ago:

In addition, has been completely renovated as of earlier this evening and now redirects to the website. There is a new blue and white color scheme and big, plastic-like graphics to match the new Impact Wrestling logo. Click here to head over and take a look.

  • Joe

    So… what do you all think? At this point, I’m sort of so-so on the new logo. It’s not bad at all. I’m just not going crazy over it. Then again, it’s just a logo – the proof will be in the pudding, as they say. I wonder what the iMPACT Wrestling set will look like next week…

  • Mark Littles

    yeah… that’s a pretty bland logo.

  • Radiitz

    “To go along with the name change of TNA Impact to Impact Wrestling, I’m told the Impact Zone in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida has been completely redone. The Impact Zone features new blue and gold colors as well as a new stage. –”

    • Joe

      Interesting. Again, the proof will be in the pudding. I’ve got to see it to really believe it, you know?

      And if they did rearrange the iMPACT! Zone, here’s hoping that they added some additional seats to the place. I mean my goodness – you could easily get 200 – 300 more people on that soundstage if they rearranged it a little bit here and there.