Rumors On Identity Of Kurt Angle's "Mistress"

The pro wrestling interweb is abuzz with rumors on who Kurt Angle’s “mistress” is. For the last several days the rumor has centered around former WWE NXT performer Lindsay Howard(Aloisa). She is said to be backstage at the tapings in Orlando. The sheets have changed course and now many are reporting that former WWE Attitude Era star Joanie Laurer aka Chyna will be Kurt angle’s surprise.

Your guess is as good as mine which, if either is true. The Howard rumor was the gospel truth two days ago, now it’s not. If it is indeed Chyna I look forward to the retractions from sites reporting it was Howard.

I certainly hope if it is Chyna she has herself together. When she was stable she was perhaps the best female wrestler ever. When she didn’t have it together she was a train wreck.

Serena Deeb could also be in the mix. We’ll keep you posted when we hear something official.

  • Dylan

    I’ve never seen Aloisa in action, but I would be very excited to find out that Chyna is the new addition to the Knockouts. I wonder, if Chyna did go to TNA, whether she would feel the need to compete with the men, as she did in the WWE, or if the likes of Mickey James, Tara, Velvet Sky and the rest were up to snuff enough to convince her to go after the Knockouts title.

  • William B. West

    From the reports I’ve been reading it was Chyna ans she is considerably smaller muscle-wise since the last time she wrestled.

    I’m hoping she stays in the Knockout division. I think it would be a mistake to rehash her old WWE match with Jarrett. While I enjoyed it at the time, I think that rehashing old story lines has been one of TNA’s Achilles heels.