Eric Bischoff Commends WWE on Beer Sponsor

Source: Facebook

Earlier today, Eric Bischoff congratulated WWE for landing Miller Beer as a sponsor for their programming. According to Bischoff, he had tried very hard to land the Miller brand as a sponsor in the past, but it didn’t work out. He also pointed out that it will be interesting to see how a company whose main demographic is kids will utilize their new beer sponsor.

Here is the actual text of Bischoff’s Facebook update:

Congrats to WWE for landing a beer sponsor (Miller). That has been a target sponsor for years and one that I myself tried hard to land for long time. Going to be interesting to watch WWE walk the tightrope between marketing alcohol and their obvious kids demo. Stay tuned..this will be interesting from a business pov.

Just as Bischoff wrote – it’ll be interesting to see how this works out, but it’s great that WWE was able to bring new advertising dollars to the “sports entertainment” business!

  • Redman

    I feel any sport that has tv programming for pg rating shows, should not promote alcohol or any other form of drug. it should focus more on living a healthly lifestyle, so approaching sports brands like nike, addidas etc for advertizing revenue would be more appropriate.

  • Joe

    You know, Redman, that’s an excellent comment. You have a guy like John Cena who goes around with his pants half hanging off of his body and his Under Armor draws hanging out all of the time – why wouldn’t WWE approach Under Armor for a sponsorship? They appeal to the same demographic (I think) and it seems there would be a natural connection (like the Gillette sponsorship from a few years ago).

    Thanks for the great comment!