Update On TNA iMPACT! On Fuel TV

As our readers know yesterday we broke the news that Fox 8 in Australia announced on their Facebook page that TNA iMPACT! in Australia would be moving to Fuel TV.

This afternoon I checked into Fuel TV’s Facebook page where they have responded to several fan’s requests for info, “we are still in negotiations on whether we will be recieving TNA IMPACT. Hopefully we will have some good news soon!”

I’m guessing from there statement and TNA’s pre-announcement a deal is as close as it can be to being done without signing on the dotted line. Keep in mind in the world of business nothing is final until everything is final, but the fact that TNA is bracing fans for an announcement and Fuel TV has made comments is a very good sign for our Australian readers that TNA will be returning to their TV’s very soon.

  • anonymous

    When checking my Electronic Program Guide earlier in the week. Fuel TV had scheduled a 2 1/2 hour block for TNA Epics on Sunday night at 6pm, which as we all know is only a 1 hour show.
    However I have since double checked again and it has been returned to a 1 hour programming block..
    I was hopeful that this may have been Impact. Not to be