Jay Lethal, Gail Kim Tweet On Release

Seemingly former TNA star Jay Lethal has officially commented on his release via his Twitter account, “While I am sad that my time with TNA has ended, I am looking forward to this next chapter of my career. Oooooh yeahh! Now taking booking(s).” I said seemingly former because something doesn’t smell right about the whole situation and I’m personally not sure this isn’t a work, but in the reporting business we need to go with the facts and Jay says he is released.

Former TNA Knockout and current WWE Diva Gail Kim also Tweeted in on the release via Twitter with her opinion of the situation, “Tna just lost one of the most talented guys I know in this business and also one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. What happened to building future talent? I hope wwe picks him up. Too talented to be wasted!”

  • Radiitz

    A work? How so?

  • William B. West

    Well like I said, I’ll take Jay at his word but a few things yesterday made me suspicious. A few mid to upper mid card TNA stars seemed to not only wish Jay well but take a couple swipes at the decision. While talent often privately will question company decisions they rarely do publicly for fear of reprisal unless it is a work. But from Jay’s statements I am going with the assumption this is legit but with some reservations.