BREAKING: Jay Lethal Gone From TNA

According to several interweb news sources TNA star Jay Lethal has been released by the company. A quick check of shows his profile has been removed as well. This comes on quickly on the heels of Jay’s appearance at the Lockdown PPV in Cincinnati, Ohio which leads many to believe this was a sudden decision. Jay was subject of a major push just months ago involving the Nature Boy Ric Flair and then sort of faded a bit in on screen limelight.

Again this report has not been confirmed but looks to be a legitimate report. We will pass along any details as we get them. Jay has been with the company since 2005.

  • Dylan

    I’m very sad to hear this news. Jay Lethal was among the best in-ring workers they had. Every Jay Lethal match was guaranteed to be exciting. I wonder what happened to bring this about?

  • William B. West

    It is odd. By all accounts TNA was wanting to cultivate strong personalities/characters along with strong workers and Lethal definitely had both. They invested so much with the Ric Flair push and it worked, then he seemed in a bit of no man’s land.

    I wonder if it has something to do with Lockdown? Why book him for the PPV and then drop him two days later? Maybe he didn’t feel properly compensated? Maybe he didn’t like the direction or lack of direction they had planned and it led to his release? It will be interesting to hear the details as they surface.

    With his mic skills and ring ability, the WWE would be foolish not to give him a look.

  • Joe

    I’m a bit perplexed by this one myself. As always, I’m biased towards my fellow New Jersey folks and I wonder what drove the split between TNA Wrestling and Jay Lethal (assuming this is all true for the long run, that is).

    Although, I’m reminded of last year when Tara was fired/left the company only to come back a few months later under a new contract. Since I have no idea of knowing what happened (if anything) between the promotion and the wrestler, I’ll just hope for the best – that we see him back in a TNA Wrestling ring really soon!

  • William B. West

    A few TNA stars made Twitter comments about the situation yesterday that sort of questioned the company itself. This leads me to wonder if this is a possibly a work. Stars rend to wish their friends the best but rarely take a swipe at their current employer.

  • TNAFAN2010

    I am wondering if this is a work as well. If you notice Suicide is back on the roster page. Currently the two men who played Sucide Kaz and Daniels are are to tied up in the immortal Fortune fued and I am wondering if Lethal is donning the mask for awhile just like in the past when Kaz quit wrestling and Suicide appeared or when Curryman was fired and Daniels supposedly came back within a week of each other.

  • William B. West

    Good points.