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StraightEdge 3:16 #1 – Is Extreme Rules Finally John Morrison's Chance?
at 1:52 am
Written by A Former Writer
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Hello Wrestling Fans! My name is Michael Malnicof. This is my first article for TBL Wrestling.com. First Off, I’d like to thank Joe Palazzolo for giving me this chance to write for this website. I have written for other wrestling websites in the past, but I am now here on TBL and hope to stay for awhile. My column (I hope) will be StraightEdge 3:16 and hope you enjoy!

Now, enough off that formal stuff and on too the article.

As of a few hours ago, the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules is a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match with the champion The Miz defending against John Cena and the Monday Night Delight, John Morrison. Now, don’t worry, this is NOT a Raw recap article, but a true opinion (my opinion) column. I for one am very happy that R-Truth is out of the WWE Title Match as he is too old and should barely be in the mid-card in my opinion. The heel change…, well who cares, I sure don’t.

Now, I know that us wrestling fans have heard this story before which is that John Morrison is in line for a World Championship run. He was going to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber back at Elimination Chamber 2010 from The Undertaker. He blew his shot after he decided it was a good idea to bad mouth John Cena about how he is always the WWE Champion. As we all know, Chris Jericho went on to win the Title after Shawn  Michaels superkicked Undertaker and then Jericho and Edge went on to have very good match at Wrestlemania XXVI while John Morrison was in a squash-like tag team match with R-Truth against The Miz and Big Show for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. I say squash because it lasted around 3 and a half minutes.

Now lets come back to present day where John Morrison has yet another shot at a World Title which he has never won before. Now don’t start saying that but Michael , he did win the ECW World Heavyweight Title.There are two reasons why I say that does not count. One is that it was the WWE ECW Title which amounts to barely on the same level as the United States Title. This was not the Same ECW Title that was held by Jimmy Snuka, Terry Funk, and The Sandman. Two, this was in 2007 where he won it after Chris Benoit was set to win it (we all know why he didn’t so no need to elaborate) and was just one champion after Mr McMahon won the same title! The only time the WWE ECW Title was a World Title is when RVD (Rob Van Dam for those not as educated wrestling fans) won the WWE Title off of Cena at ECW One Night Stand 2006. Also “technically” as WWE would like us to think, he won that championship as Johnny Nitro, who is a 100% different man (sarcasm).

Okay, gotta get this train back on track. So John Morrison has yet to win a “true” World Title, but is still a great wrestler. Whoops, sorry about that Vinny K, now that we no longer “Wrestle” (Another topic for a future article perhaps), the correct word would be Super Star or Entertainer. JoMo is a 3 time Intercontinental Champion and a 5 time Tag Team Champion and is one of the best in-ring performers in wrestling today. Also, he dates Melina and thats definitely a great asset in my book.

Now, if you have paid attention to the internet wrestling news, you would know that Morrison has been in some hot water lately. But why has he been in hot water with WWE? If you guessed badmouthing, you are correct. Except this time he was badmouthing the Greatest Diva in WWE History, Trish Stratus. He was complaining about how Trish “stole” the spot in the 6 person borefest tag match at Wrestlemania from his girlfriend Melina. What exactly was the match might you ask. Well, I’m not 100% sure because I was not paying attention due to a certain orange person being in the match. From what I heard, it lasted only a few minutes and ended with the orange person getting the win. Also, I’m pretty sure Mr Ziggles, Mrs. Undertaker, and Layla were the opponents, but I was incapacitated by boredom and can’t be certain.

Anyway, so this 2nd case of badmouthing is not a good thing for the Monday Night Delight, but could it cost him another shot at a championship run. Until tonight, I would have said Yes, but WWE for once was able to fix the mess they made. They took out old smoker Truth and put in JoMo in to the WWE Title Match. Too bad they couldn’t have done the same for Kane from 2002-2004!

However, now I am a true believer that the Age of Morrison will begin inside a Steel Cage in Tampa, Florida in 2 weeks at Extreme Rules. Now, this won’t be a candidate for Match of the Year, but this will be a good match. Is it the true (PPV) Miz vs John Morrison match that everybody has wanted to see since 2009? No, but it is as close as we will probably get from WWE for awhile.

Now, why do I feel that Morrison will walk out of Extreme Rules as the WWE Champion? Well, there are two reasons why I do. One, The Age of Awesomeness has gone on long enough for this journalist. The Miz has had the 2nd longest reign as champion for a Money in the Bank winner. By this I mean that the reign that a wrestler had that started with the cashing in of the MITB Briefcase. The Miz has been the WWE Champion for about 148 days or so. As of April 18, 2011, Kane holds the longest reign at 154 days, but by May 1st, The Miz will have passed Kane. Also, the Miz’s “new” WWE Championship design is dumb as it looks like a cheap replica of the real title. I think so because the title isn’t as big as it was before and it doesn’t look like real gold. Hell, my $15 foam WWE Title belt looks better! My second reason is that Morrison is the only one who should win. As big of a John Cena fan that I am (he’s my 2nd favorite of all-time), he doesn’t need the WWE Title and would not benefit from having the title. He can have a great feud with somebody like The Rock or Miz without it. The Miz shouldn’t win because of the match stipulation which is a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. As Miz said on Raw, somebody could be escaping as a pin is occuring. Not even Cena should overcome those odds in my opinion.

Also, John Morrison just damns deserves the WWE Championship in my eyes. While he can be a bonehead, there are too many others in the WWE that deserve a World Title reign (Christian is gonna get his also at Extreme Rules or down the road soon) as much as JoMo.

In conclusion, this journalist (me) believes that John Morrison will finally be the WWE Champion after Extreme Rules. Thank you for reading my first article on TBLWrestling.com and hopefully the first column of StraightEdge 3:16. Any comments and feedback are appreciated.

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  • Allyssa

    I Totally agree i really like Morrison and think he derisive it along with many others. The Miz is awful and i as a WWE fan am disgusted with him. Down with The Miz!

  • Michael Malnicof

    Thanks for the Comment (my first for an article on TBL!). I agree that The Miz’s 1st title run has run its course and as even though I am a Cenation member (as I said above), He doesn’t need the Title and Morrison deserves it, (Number #3 for me behind 1# Matt Hardy and #2 Christian). Thanks again for the comment. If you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for my future articles. Thanks

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