Eric Bischoff Reacts to False Reports on Ratings

Source: Facebook

Earlier tonight, Eric Bischoff posted some comments regarding a few of the webmasters from the more well-trafficked professional wrestling websites. Specifically, Bischoff singled out Dave Meltzer and Dave Scherer and suggested that they were marks for getting the wrong information out about last night’s iMPACT! ratings. Here is the text of Bischoff’s comments:

Once again, Meltzer and Scherer prove their ignorance. Scherer listens to stooges and marks for his “inside information” (because he is one) and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why a guy who portrays himself as an industry “expert” can’t get something so pubilc correct. Amazing…but then again, not so much.

In the comments section of the Facebook entry, someone who purportedly writes columns for Meltzer’s website (I can’t confirm because I don’t frequent that website) responded to Bischoff by suggesting the following:

It was an easy mistake to make, Eric. The press release from your own network originally said Impact did a 1.1 rating last night. Turned out to be a 1.2, so they were wrong by a tenth of a point. Big deal. But I guess when you’re dealing with minuscule numbers like that, you gotta fight for every tenth of a point you can get, huh?

Clearly a bias there, so I have to imagine that the guy who wrote this does, in fact, work for Meltzer’s website. Anyway, more on this developing story if anything worth reporting comes of it.