Dixie Carter Announces TNA is Back on U.K. TV!

Source: Facebook

To follow up a popular story here on TNAStars.com, Dixie Carter has just announced via her Facebook page that TNA Wrestling will be back on in the United Kingdom! According to Carter’s announcement, TNA Wrestling programming will be on Challenge TV beginning in February. She references Sky, Virgin, and Freeview as other methods of receiving TNA Wrestling’s programming.

The text of Carter’s announcement is below:

So happy to announce that ALL TNA programming in the UK will be on Challenge TV from February on Sky, Virgin and now Freeview too!

We’d love to hear from our British fans about their thoughts on this announcement. Is this a good or a bad move for you? Use the comments section below and enjoy!

  • Iqbal

    It’s good because it reaches almost everyone in the UK free of charge. But hardly anyone watches challenge TV! Hopefully they rebrand the channel and it will give TNA more exposure otherwise Challenge TV will be a flop

  • paul thompson

    thats great news thanks god its on freeview ( the only one i got)

  • Linda Preston

    I’m so glad to hear TNA will be back I’m suffering serious Jeff Hardy withdrawal, I know he’s a bad boy but can’t help but love him, that Beth’s a lucky girl


  • Ash

    This is such great news. To get pay per views completely free is the icing on the cake. But now TNA will be available to every single person who has a tv here in the uk, it’s appeal will be so much wider than before. Onwards and upwards for wrestling!

  • matt

    Great news for TNA fans here in the UK, but its true no one hardly watches challenge. Most of its free. I can not complain.

  • paul thompson

    oh man i dont have challenge on my freeview at least i can watch it at my mates house 😛

  • Jade Craven

    Wooo Wooo am so chuffed!! Have missed TNA… hurry hurry hurry!! THANKS DIXIE

  • big.T.

    Now this is excellent news Challenge may be a pretty bad channel but its coverage from febuary will be pretty much 100% they should reach a wider audience and attract a better rating than wwe. and it could last a while vince wouldnt want to run TNA off sky (who have the power t relegate TNA to graveyard shift hours and on a delay on a crappy channel like challenge if they please) and into the hand of a channel who they cant manipulate.