Traci Brooks Talks Release, Why She Won't Bash TNA

Former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks recently spoke to Canada’s Slam! Wrestling about a variety of topics. Her release from TNA and why she refuses to bash the company came up.

Did she see the release coming?
“They hadn’t really done anything with me for the last year or so that I was there. After the Main Event Mafia, they had started an angle with me and Alyssa Flash, but after she left, they didn’t have anything for me.”

Why doesn’t she bash TNA Wrestling like a lot of ex-employees?
“When I got fired, a lot of people told me that I should go out and bury TNA. But why would I bury a company that employed me for seven years?” she argued. “Anyone that loves wrestling, I would think would actually want TNA to succeed, and not want to see it be buried. As a wrestling fan, you would think they would want more wrestling, and so would appreciate having an alternative to WWE. Why would they want me to bury it?”

It’s refreshing to see a former star appreciate the opportunity they were given instead of feeling entitled, Traci has always been considered a class act and you can see why.

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