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The Product Debuts Official Theme Song for TNA Final Resolution on TNAStars.com!
at 12:30 am
Written by Joe Vincent
Added to Latest News - Indy

Alternative rock band The Product has partnered with TNAStars.com to debut the official theme song for TNA Wrestling’s Final Resolution pay-per-view! The official theme is a song called “Make Your Move” and you can listen to it by using the audio player below or buy it on iTunes by clicking here!

And now, a message straight from The Product:


Hello all you TNA fans reading this,

We’re The Product (www.facebook.com/productrock) and we’ve teamed up with TNAStars.com to bring you our song “Make Your Move,” which is the theme song for TNA’s Final Resolution Pay-Per View airing December 5th. Make Your Move. The title almost says it all. This is a hard rock in your face kind of song, that gets you pumped up, and ready to go. If you believe in something, you make a stand for something, you go for it. We wanted to really give out that motivation full throttle to inspire people to go after the things they want. This song is just an awesome soundtrack for some Total Nonstop Action, and for watching someone get their ass kicked.

We come from a little city called Detroit. In terms of economy it’s one of the hardest hit in the entire country. This song is meant to be an inspiration to dust off their shoulders, pick themselves up, and make their move. We’re working with Habitat For Humanity to donate a portion of our iTunes sales through Make Your Move to do what we can to give back and help out the economy around here. If you feel the urge to add some rock to your playlist. Make Your Move will be available through all major online retailers starting Monday, November 8th.

The Product


Special Note from Joe: Hey folks, if you haven’t used the audio player above to listen to “Make Your Move,” then I encourage you to do so right now! This song is awesome! Go ahead, give it a listen and I’m sure that you will enjoy it. Better yet, head over to iTunes and download a copy of the song for your collection!

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