Internet Speculation on Kevin Nash & Rhino

The word floating around the interwebs is that Kevin Nash is at a “legitimate impasse” with TNA Wrestling regarding his contract with the company. As has been widely reported, Nash’s contract with the company expired after the iMPACT! tapings last week. The interwebs are also reporting that when Nash was offered a lower dollar amount for a renewal contract, he balked at the offer.

We, of course, have no way of independently confirming or refuting whether or not this information is true (neither do any of the other sites out there reporting this as “fact”). However, as soon as we see any confirmation of this story from a reputable source, we’ll let you know. [Update: Kevin Nash directly refuted this false rumor in an interview on October 20, 2010.]

The same folks on the interwebs are reporting that EV 2.0 member Rhino is expected to be leaving the company soon. Frankly, I don’t put much into this story because these are the same folks who already reported two weeks ago that Rhino was done with TNA Wrestling. Then, all of a sudden, he was appearing at house shows last weekend.

Just goes to show you – most of the reports that you read as “fact” on the interwebs are just people speculating.

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  • Teh

    Maybe its time to move on and pass the torch to the younger guys.
    TNA has so much talent that we don’t see wrestle on tv. I’m tuning in only for the wrestling and not the nostalgia mic work.

  • Dillon

    I believe Rhino not only still wrestled at some live shows, but scored a win over Matt Morgan at one show. Then again, Sarita recentl beat the (then) TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love on a recent episode of Xplosion. Afterwards, Jeremy Borash (on commentary) was making a big deal to Taz that scoring such a big non-title win over the champ should/will get her a future shot at Angelina & the title. Of course with Madison now champion, who knows. I love the Beautiful People but I’m ready to see Hamada, Daffney, Sarita, and Taylor Wilde back on TV.

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  • Dr. Cain, Esq

    they should pay Nash ‘per bump’ aka $0