Final TNA ReAction Ratings (10/14): Decent Show

Last night’s episode of ReAction scored a final cable rating of 0.77 which represents an average of about 942,000 viewers. Part of me has to believe that the extra long iMPACT! overrun helped build this number up, but then again – a rating is a rating.

For more ratings news and the latest on the Thursday Night War (note the sarcasm), head over to’s Ratings War area!

  • Mike

    Some of the people out there set their DVR timer to record TNA Impact, but it ends up stopping after 2 hours instead of recording the entire 3 hour show, since the TNA Impact show now runs over into the 1 hour time slot of TNA Reaction. In fact, even if you set your DVR to record both TNA Impact and TNA Reaction, it still overlapped into the next time slot by about ten minutes.

    This means if you are a fan of TNA (as everyone should be), you need to make sure and set your DVR to record:

    * TNA Impact

    * TNA Reaction (which comes on immediately after Impact)

    * Also, make sure that your DVR is set to record an extra 10 minutes of time just in case the shows go over into the next time slot.

    Thursday’s episodes of TNA Impact and TNA Reaction were AWESOME!

  • acrman55

    the downfall of tna, hulk and eric are both dunderheads
    how long did the nwo last ?

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