Kevin Nash Tweets on Hulk Hogan and iMPACT!

Source: Twitter

Earlier today, Kevin Nash unleashed even more tweets regarding his current situation with TNA Wrestling. In addition to the new tweets, Nash also commented on how much of a warrior he believes Hulk Hogan is for taking part in last night’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view even while the cuts on his back from his recent surgeries are still fresh.

Here is the text of Nash’s tweets:

“Hogan is a beast. To see the cuts on his back and to see his pain tonight tells me that I was right when I saw the Hulkster as a mark and wanted to get in this crazy biz. Mad respect, Terry.”

“If you were a fan of mine, please stay true to TNA. My deal went south on money, not respect for the guys I worked with or the production crew that busts their ass every week. I’m not out of wrestling, just don’t want to be owned.”

“To the boys that I love, I will do everything I can to make you money outside of TNA. Please, guys, remember we’re 1099, the world is ours. Goodnight. I have my last Impact tomorrow. I can’t express how much you all mean to me. I love you all and thank you.”

  • Dillon Avery

    Nice to see that Nash didn’t tear down TNA verbally simply because they has a disagreement over money. I hate to see him go, especially since he’s part of the biggest storyline in the company, but hopefully he’ll take time off and return.