Is Kevin Nash Leaving TNA? Was He "Let Go?"

It appears that the interwebs are abuzz about some recent tweets from Kevin Nash. Last night, he posted the following tweets:

4 days left and I’m done ,hope you that enjouyed me and are left happy .I always did my best with a beaten body. thanks and goodbye

2 my fans thank you I love you. 2 my haters thank you you always made me push harder

Time to be a husban and dad this part of my life is over.If I’m woprth nothing than I need to stay at home. Thanks TNA 4 letting me go

Also, when someone asked him via Twitter if he was going to WWE he responded with no WWE. Unfortunately, too many internet wrestling websites picked up Nash’s tweets and took them completely at face value. It seems that few remember Nash’s recent tirade on Twitter from back in September when he said very clearly that Jason Hervey made him post the crazy, anti-TNA Wrestling tweets.

So where does that leave us? Well, I don’t think anyone knows whether or not Nash is coming or going. In the past, he’s commented that he likes the light schedule that TNA Wrestling offers. He also said that he had no interest in returning to WWE’s hectic, round-the-clock schedule that would also require him to dye his hair a darker color again. As for what is going to happen after the next four days – I guess we’ll have to wait and see.