Motor City Machine Guns Score Big on iMPACT!

I’m not shy about telling people how much I enjoy watching TNA Wrestling or iMPACT! on Spike TV. In fact, when you ask me about my favorite wrestlers out there today, I’ll tell you that AJ Styles rules the roost in terms of singles action and that my favorite tag team is the Motor City Machine Guns.

That’s why I’m glad to bring you all this little piece of news regarding the Motor City Machine Guns and their drawing power on last week’s episode of iMPACT! For the first time in a long time, the Motor City Machine Guns were the highest rated segment on the show for their back and forth promo with London Brawling. In fact, they brought in a 1.08 rating. And, in case you missed that portion of iMPACT!, you can watch the video below and see what the fans enjoyed.

Note: This is only a fragment of the full segment between these two tag teams. I’m not sure why, but TNA seems to have cut off the beginning of the promo.

  • Alex

    i really like the face off between these two teams. i hope i see more of those two teams in TNA.