Dixie Carter Promising Two Separate Changes?

Source: Pro Wrestling Insider

The scuttlebutt around the interwebs today is that Dixie Carter is actually promising two separate “surprises” for TNA. The first is specifically about a surprise coming up for tomorrow night’s Slammiversary VIII pay-per-view. The second is the change that is supposed to fundamentally change TNA forever.

Below is a report from the Pro Wrestling Insider website regarding the latest rumors:


I reached out to TNA President Dixie Carter for clarification on the “TNA changes” comment that we’ve written about tonight. When asked about whether it would involve a creative change as we theorized earlier in the night, Carter responded none of the theories making the rounds were correct and the change was something on a much larger, grander scale. It was described to me as “true change.”

While there is rampant discussion going on within the company about the situation (and we’ve heard a number of theories), the reality is no one in the company knows what Carter has up her sleeve as she hasn’t disclosed it to anyone. Carter is holding all her cards extremely close to the vest, so no one knows what the true nature of what her tease is.

While Carter made it clear this situation is not something specifically designed for Slammiversary (although she did tease a surprise for that PPV, which apparently is a different matter), all of this certainly does add a lot of intrigue and mystique to this Sunday’s PPV.

We’ll have full coverage of TNA Slammiversary all this weekend.

  • Dillon Avery

    It slightly annoys me how Dixie, Hogan, Bischoff constantly tout “we’re gonna get things back on track” or “a big change is coming” because it’s basically them admitting that their product isn’t at it’s best. Even if the feeling is just that within the company, don’t say it publically. If the power players see the company as in the ditch, the fans will too.

    I was/is hoping about Paul Heyman coming in but since Dixie shot down that without mentioning it specifically. But in a way, I don’t know how Paul, Bischoff, Russo, Hogan, ect would co-exist. Too many power players wanting to have final say. But if Flair, Hogan, Russo, Jarrett, Angle and Bischoff can all get along as has been the case so far, throwing Paul E in there might work.