Tara Talks About Her Decision to Leave TNA

Source: The Baltimore Sun

TNA Knockout Tara wrote on her MySpace that she is leaving the company when her contract expires next month.

Here is an excerpt:

I came to TNA last year because I still had a lot of wrestling left in me. I was paid a fraction of what I thought I deserved. But I wanted to show I was still at the top of my game. Now my contract is up in May. I want a modest pay increase. They don’t want to pay me what I think is fair. I have no problems going my own way.”

But about 12 hours after the conversation where we didn’t agree on pay, unnamed sources claim that I am hard to work with and that I don’t give my best effort. My only response is that TNA made an aggressive effort to re-sign me, among other things saying that they want to build the women’s division around me. And I think wrestling fans see, both on TV and at live events, that I always give 100%. I take pride in that. Smearing me on the way out the door is an act of second-rate character.

This news might explain why her character was suddenly turned heel. I expect her to be booked to put over Angelina Love several times before she leaves.

Tara has contemplated getting into MMA in the past, and she mentioned that she may purse that after she is done with TNA. WWE is probably not an option since she left there because she was unhappy with the way her character was consistently jobbed out.

Tara’s departure is another blow to TNA’s women’s division, which has lost talented workers such as Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash and Roxxi in recent months.

If the following call hasn’t happened already, I bet it’s going to: “Hello, Mickie James? Terry Taylor from TNA. Let’s talk.”