Balrog Babblings #104 – What a Waste of Time

There will be those who immediately dismiss this column. There will be others who agree wholeheartedly. Then there will be the likely majority who write this off as just another wrestling column (this description fits best, by the way). The purpose of this column is to express, once again, my disgust with Triple H.

First things first, though. In these columns I not-so-lovingly refer to Triple H by his WCW ring name: Jean Paul Levesque (JPL for short). So what raises my ire about JPL this time around? Well, aside from the fact that he’s won another illegitimate world championship, he may have ruined another rising star to put himself over (sorry folks, when you’re married to the heiress of World Wrestling Entertainment in the year 2008 when there is no serious competition, then any title reign you receive is illegitimate).

What am I talking about? Let’s remember that JPL is the douchebag that essentially keeps Rob Van Dam from coming back to WWE. To use different terms, RVD won’t come back to WWE because he hit the glass ceiling which was installed by JPL years ago. This is a story that many former WWE wrestlers tend to tell: they do their part inside and outside the ring, they act the company man, but if JPL and his wife don’t like you, then forget about any advancement in your career.

But I digress…

The spark to write this column was JPL’s recent, illegitimate, 12th world championship won on the back of Randy Orton. What was the purpose of having Randy Orton leave a trail of superstars in his wake over the last 6 – 8 months only to have a complete bore, blast from the past, 10-year old gimmick JPL win the championship? Of course, I’m looking at this from a biased fan’s perspective (my bias being that I can’t stand what JPL has done to today’s wrestling scene). But what is the point here? For JPL to capitalize on the fan interest that he has right now? Is that really a reason to break Randy Orton’s streak?

No. It’s not a reason to break the streak.

Frankly, this is the type of illogical, short-sighted booking that is present in almost all of JPL’s family-booked world championship reigns. This type of booking is also what makes watching WWE so hard right now for a typically old-school fan like myself. For example, a few weeks ago we heard Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about how great of a tag team division RAW was building. And now we have the pending break-up of Cade and Murdoch? What the hell sense does that make? Poor, poor booking and even poorer storytelling by our Hall of Fame favorites.

Crap like this is why I began watching TNA two years ago…not that they put out a better product these days (which is another column for another time).

In any event, this rambling column is my official statement that I will find it even harder to watch WWE television so long as JPL is the champion. At this rate, I can’t wait for the day when this man’s family books his 17th world championship (thus surpassing the greatest wrestler of all-time, Ric Flair) and I can officially stop watching WWE forever. Enough is enough with this guy – someone in charge at WWE please get a clue and get this jerk off of television with his longgggggah, borrrinnnngggggah, I’M THE GAMEEEEAH, promosssssah, mixed with quick witty little airy jokes! *hee hee*

Ugh, it’s actually revolting. It’s actually so revolting that I have to stop writing before my delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes dinner winds up on my keyboard.

What a shame…I was beginning to think that Randy Orton was a worthwhile champion and I actually started watching WWE regularly again. Thank God FOX has switched House to Monday nights at 9pm – now I have something to watch!

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