Update (3/24/2015): The behind-the-scenes improvements and upgrades continue! Today, we eliminated some lingering advertising code that was embedded in certain pages of the website and was, frankly, unnecessary. In addition, we upgraded the remaining advertising code to the latest versions so that it works more smoothly across different web browsers. We also updated the background hit counter code to the latest versions so that we get a more accurate representation of how many folks are stopping by to visit us at IWH! In the future, we hope to have this front page space occupied by some type of “top story” or “featured article” for your reading pleasure. If you’re looking for something different, then why not let us know by sending us some feedback? Thanks!

Update (3/23/2015): This is the new layout for IWHeadlines.com! Our new design is cleaner, quicker, and easier to access on mobile devices. We welcome your feedback and comments on what else you would like to see at IWHeadlines.com. Thank you for your continuing support!