Update (8/5/2015): I’ve decided to close IWHeadlines.com. Thank you all for your patronage over the years.

Update (7/2/2015): Welcome, everyone! I thought that I might post this update just as we head into the holiday weekend. The purpose of this update is to let you know that I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at IWH fixing minor coding issues that I’ve uncovered and updating the various scripts that this site uses to make sure that you’re getting the best possible readership experience. In addition, I’ve opted to stop seeking inclusion in Google News because, frankly, that system doesn’t live up to its own parameters. There are professional wrestling websites out there that pass off opinion as fact and – even worse – who pass off plausible conjecture as fact. And those websites are listed on Google News with no questions asked. Meanwhile, a site like IWH which has the most comprehensive, fact-based discussion around viewership that you’ll find anywhere online isn’t allowed into the Google News system? Ha ha! Okay, whatever. We’ll keep plugging along on our own and continue the success that we’ve experienced for the last two decades. I expect to finish up the behind the scenes updates by summer’s end.

Update (5/22/2015): Over the last few days I updated a lot of the backlogged information that needed to be placed on the website. This included recent IMPACT Wrestling results as well as ratings reports for both the United States and the United Kingdom. I’ve also been more active on Twitter, which led to an additional 60 or so new followers joining us on that social media platform. In the coming days, I plan on focusing on refining some of the less visited areas of IWHeadlines.com – particularly the content that has been carried over for the last almost 20 years. In order for this website to receive higher than average search rankings, I need to be sure that the entire site is search engine-friendly. In large part, that mission was accomplished by removing most of the advertising programs from the website. However, there is more work to do and I plan on getting it all done!

Update (4/10/2015): Everything at IWH remains a work in progress. I asked some “experts” to review the basic bones of this website and while they couldn’t quite focus on the request, they did point out some issues that needed to be fixed – and we fixed them. Right now the goal isn’t to provide the most up-to-date wrestling news, information, results, and opinions, but rather to continue building a clean, sleek website that is able to deliver massive amounts of content quickly and efficiently. Believe it or not, that’s not a very easy task to accomplish these days! With all of the advances in website technology over the last few years, it can be very tricky to make things work exactly as you want them to in all aspects of a website. But, I plan to keep pushing on! If you have any comments about what we’re building here, then I encourage you to share them with us by clicking here. Thanks!

Update (4/7/2015): There are a lot of behind-the-scenes updates going on that I want to bring you up-to-date on. First, what remains of the advertisements on this website are from the Google Ads network. Over the weekend, I replaced the old Google Ads code with new, responsive ad codes. What this means is that if you view IWH via a tablet or smartphone, then the ads will resize themselves to better fit your screen. This should make for a more fluid viewing experiences. Second, I’ve removed many of the plug-ins from the WordPress infrastructure that operates this website. The reason for this is because I want the site to load as fast as possible for all of you who opt to visit us on a regular basis. And finally, I’ve reached out to some design experts to review the new format of IWH to see if it can qualify for inclusion in the Google News system. More updates as they become available!

Update (3/24/2015): The behind-the-scenes improvements and upgrades continue! Today, we eliminated some lingering advertising code that was embedded in certain pages of the website and was, frankly, unnecessary. In addition, we upgraded the remaining advertising code to the latest versions so that it works more smoothly across different web browsers. We also updated the background hit counter code to the latest versions so that we get a more accurate representation of how many folks are stopping by to visit us at IWH! In the future, we hope to have this front page space occupied by some type of “top story” or “featured article” for your reading pleasure. If you’re looking for something different, then why not let us know by sending us some feedback? Thanks!

Update (3/23/2015): This is the new layout for IWHeadlines.com! Our new design is cleaner, quicker, and easier to access on mobile devices. We welcome your feedback and comments on what else you would like to see at IWHeadlines.com. Thank you for your continuing support!